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How is neonate defecate green to return a responsibility? A detailed explanation of the causes of gr

For many newborns, in fact, defecation is sometimes a reflection of their physical health. As a mother, we must understand their physical health through defecation. What is the matter with the green stool of the newborn?

1. In the case of cold and indigestion, the baby may have the phenomenon of overflowing milk and pulling green stool. If you can't judge which situation is caused, you need to see a doctor to check the condition of stool. If there is infection, you need active treatment. If the test is normal, the child may suffer from indigestion or abdominal cold.

2. When the child is not full, his / her stomach will move too fast due to hunger, and his / her stool will be green and thin.

3. If you think your baby eats a lot, it's dyspepsia. Give her Mommy love.

4. In addition, for the sake of the baby's health, it is necessary to take a sufficient amount of iron, and eat the baby with iron milk powder. If the iron in milk powder cannot be fully absorbed, the stool will be yellow green, and the white particles in the stool will be large, and it is easy to smell.

5. Some children often discharge small amount of green vegetable sludge in their stool when they add vegetable sludge for the first time. Some parents often think that it is indigestion and stop adding vegetable sludge. In fact, this phenomenon is common for healthy infants to change food The digestion of infants can be understood by observing their stool characteristics If the stink of the baby's stool is obvious, it means that the protein is indigestion. At this time, the amount of milk should be reduced or diluted properly. If there is more foam in the stool, it means carbohydrates are dyspepsia, so it is necessary to reduce or even stop feeding starch foods. If the appearance of stool is like cream, it shows fat dyspepsia, and the intake of fat food should be reduced.