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Why is women's day also called goddess's day or queen's Day

March 8 is the international women's day, which is set up to celebrate the contributions and achievements of parents in the economic, political and social fields. In recent years, women's day dear women comrades have also been blessed by family, lovers and friends, but on March 8, it is more called "goddess day" and "Queen's Day".

March 8 is women's day. Why do many people call it goddess's day or queen's day?

First of all, from the perspective of social situation, women's social status has been improved. They hope to be called queen or goddess to reflect their social status. Second, the appellation comes from businesses. They hope to expand the consumer group through the appellation. The former women refer to married women. Now the appellation has a wider coverage and is welcomed by women, Thirdly, the respect for women in the society has been raised. Even if you have become a mother, you still have the desire to be a goddess. Maybe the old goddess said so, or the goddess and the queen are better than women.

Whether we change the women's day of March 8 to the goddess's day, or celebrate the women's day of March 7 one day ahead of schedule, we are exposed to subconscious sexism (and its interweaving with other kinds of discrimination and Prejudice), but it is also a reflection of some social and political background at the same time.

Let's start with 'girls' Day'. This festival was originally popular in Colleges and universities, which can be regarded as a kind of rebound of the rigid and stale ideological propaganda of college students: because the official discourse system has long lost its vitality in the process of reform and opening up, its long-term use of the word "women" (often used in conjunction with "labor", i.e. "working women") is also associated with rejection; ordinary people talk about women, in their minds The image that emerges is either 'the director of the women's Federation of mechanical antiquity' or 'the married women of the middle and lower classes who are noisy and philistine' -- the latter is like Jia Baoyu ' Now. '

As for the goddess Festival, it comes from the planning and promotion of e-commerce in recent years. At first, it has some elements of face discrimination (goddess is the substitute of beauty after devaluation), but on a deeper level, it also reflects the objectification and materialistic tendency towards women: women are no longer the 'women' who actively participate in labor and struggle, but the first 'Goddess' to be gazed and looked at by men; although the' goddesses' are usually superior, as long as there are more men Gold, willing to 'buy and buy' for them, would condescend no matter how far away the goddess could be.