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2018 Academy Awards list full version of the 90th Academy Awards List

2018 Academy Awards list full version of the 90th Academy Awards List the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony has come to an end, and all the awards have been settled. Although there are not many suspense, there are many surprises and accidents in this year's Academy Awards. Let's take a look at the 2018 Academy Awards List.

Best picture: three billboards

The best picture is awarded to the producer, and it is also the most suspenseful of several of the most important awards in this Oscar. Looking back at the Oscars, the most likely winners are "three billboards" directed by Martin McDonnell and "a tale of water" directed by Gilmore McDonnell Toro.

Up to now, "three billboards" have won the Golden Globe Award for best film in plot category, the actor Union's best group play (equivalent to the location of the best film), and the critics' selection Award for best group play. "The story of water" won the critics' Choice Award for best film and the producers' Association Award for best film producer. It can be said that both films have won the most important awards in the award season.

"Three billboards" tells the story that the murderer still hasn't caught her mother because her daughter was raped and killed. Three billboards are erected on the side of the road to confront the police chief and officers. What the film touches more is the practical significance of American society. "The story of water shape" tells the story of a mute woman cleaner saving amphibious people and falling in love with them. The film has fairy tale color and is more romantic and soft artistic expression.

The two films have distinct features. It should be mentioned that during the critical period of the Oscar voting, the accusation of plagiarism in "water story" basically occurred in this situation that someone did it deliberately, which would not have a great impact on the final result. However, it is worth noting that many foreign media prefer to predict this project in the form of water object, after all, it won the best film's weathervane film maker's award.

In addition, the voting rules of the best picture award in the Academy Awards are different from those of other awards, and the preferred voting system is adopted for the best picture. If the number of films with the highest vote does not exceed 50%, the last one will be eliminated and given to other films according to the second preference. This is repeated until more than 50% of the films voted appear, the best film will be produced.

Best director: Gilmore middot; del middot; Toro's the tale of water

Biggest rival: Christopher middot Nolan Dunkirk

There is basically no suspense about the best director, not Gilmore & Middleton; del & Middleton; Toro. In the award season, he won the Golden Globe Award, critics' Choice Award, director's Union award and many other important weathervane, and is the most popular candidate. Many people think that his "water like tale" is back to the time of "Pan's Labyrinth". Both of his works are beautiful magic fairy tales.

By comparison, Jordan & Middleton; peel, Paul & Middleton; Thomas & Middleton; Anderson, Greta & Middleton; gweger, who were shortlisted with him, had little chance. Second only to Toro is Nolan, who has been shortlisted for the first time. Nolan abandoned his previous spectacle narrative in dunkerk, created an immersive experience of watching movies, and gained a lot of praise. However, for the moment, Toro will win.

Best actor: Gary Middleton oldman's the darkest hour

The biggest rival: Timothy & middlet; Charlemagne "please call me by your name"

The best actor is one of the most suspense free awards in this Oscar, which can be compared with the best animated feature film. Gary & Middleton oldman plays British Prime Minister Churchill in "the darkest moment". Oldman gives himself a double chin and moves the hairline back to make himself look like Churchill. Not only that, he did his best in conversation, expression and action. At this moment, he convinced the audience that he was Churchill.

Gary & middot; oldman won the best actor without any accident, just waiting. However, when it comes to the shortlisted actors, if they can really win the prize, it's only Timothy & Middleton; chalemede who has the second highest voice. He is the youngest of the nominees, and his acting is no inferior. At the end of "please call me by your name", there is a long shot of crying in front of the camera. His performance with layers also drives the emotions of many audiences.

Best actress: three billboards by Francis Middleton mcdermond

Biggest rival: Miss bird

For Francis mcdermond, the heroine of "three billboards", it's a winner to win the Best Actress Oscar again after "ice blood storm". In "three billboards", Francis mcdermond plays a heartbroken but angry mother. She portrays the impressive mother in eyes, tears, expressions and actions.

By right, there is no match for sister Cohen to win the best actress. Although Sally and Middleton Hawkins performed very well, the performance in the award season was not so good. On the contrary, young actress Silva & middot; Ronan made a great success in the award season. She was not only named Miss bird by foreign media as Ronan's best performing career, but also won the Golden Globe Award for best actress in sound and joy category. But none of this is worth mentioning in front of Mrs. Cohen.

Best supporting actor: Sam Middleton Rockwell's three billboards

Biggest rival: William Middleton Dafoe's paradise in Florida

In this year's award season, the winners of the two awards, men's and women's, are biting hard. It was not until the Golden Globes ended that the overall situation became apparent. Sam Middleton Rockwell in "three billboards" won the Golden Globe Award, critics' Choice Award, British Film Academy Award and actor union Award for best supporting actor in succession. William Middleton Dafoe has only envied these important awards.

In three billboards, Sam Middleton Rockwell plays police officer Dixon. He is not only sexually violent, but also Oedipus complex. He is a racist. His performance from the beginning of recklessness to later changes, in some moments and even become the most shining place in the film. And the performance of William Middleton Dafoe in paradise Florida is more restrained.

Best Supporting Actress: I, Queen of pattern by Alison & middot; Jenny

The biggest rival: Laurie middlepot; Metcalfe's Miss bird

The best supporting actress will come from Alison & Middleton; Jenny and Laurie & Middleton; Metcalfe. Like the supporting actor, Alison & Middleton; Jenny won several awards in the second half of the season, including the Golden Globe Award, the critics' Choice Award, the actors' Union award, and the British Film Academy Award. Laurie middlepot Metcalfe seems to have been ignored by the judges.

Coincidentally, Alison & middot; Jenny and Laurie & middot; Metcalfe, two of the award's seed players, are both mothers. The mother played by Alison and Middleton is very strict with her daughter since childhood. From the historical data, we can see that the restoration of the original characters is quite powerful. And Laurie middlepot Metcalfe's mother and daughter are also at odds, but the antagonism in their relationship is not as obvious as that of Huahua.

In addition to the above more important awards, in the two awards of script category, in the adapted script, "please call me in your name" has no rivals. However, the original script is still in suspense. Although the three billboards won the Golden Globe Award for best screenwriter, the critics' Choice Award and the writers' Union award were all awarded to escape from the town.

The rest of the awards, such as the best documentary, the best foreign language film and so on, have not led the way. So, just set up the flag here, and wait for 7:00 a.m. on March 5, to watch the live broadcast on 1905 movie network, and then face the answer!

Best original script: escape from juelianzhen

Best adapted play: please call me in your name

Best Animated Feature Film: Journey to the dream ring

Best foreign language film: humiliation (Lebanon)

Best clip: Dunkirk

Best photography: blade killer 2049

Best sound effect: Dunkirk

Best sound editing: Dunkirk

Best visual effect: Rise of the scarlet ball 3: the ultimate battle

Best art guide: water form story

Best costume design: Shadow seamer

Best make-up and hairstyle design: to dark time

Best Original Soundtrack: water form story

Best original song: 'remember me' -- journey to the dream ring

Best documentary feature: Icarus

Best documentary short: Edith and Eddie

Best animated short: "Dear basketball"

Best live short: dicarbo primary school