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Medal list of 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games

How many medals did China rank in the medal list of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games? How many gold medals did China win? How many medals did China win in total? Let's take a look at this medal list!

At 16:30 local time on February 25, the last gold medal of Pingchang Winter Olympic Games was won. In the cross-country skiing women's 30 kilometer collective starting race, Norwegian famous general bjorgen won the gold medal. The gold medal also put Norway in the first place in the medal list of this winter Olympic Games with 14 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze medals. Germany and Canada ranked second and third with 14 gold, 10 silver, 7 copper and 11 gold, 8 silver and 10 copper, respectively. Host South Korea ranked 7th with 5 gold, 8 silver and 4 copper, while China ranked 16th with 1 gold, 6 silver and 2 copper.

The last day of the Pingchang Winter Olympics produced four gold medals. In the first women's curling final, after the ninth game, South Korea was 3-8 behind Sweden, so they took the initiative to give up and finish the game, and Sweden won the gold medal. Although the South Korean team, the second to last team in the men's snowmobile final, slipped 3:16.38, the same as the previous German team, another German team that came out later raised the score to 3:15.85, which once again failed to win the gold medal for the South Korean team.