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Appreciation of Jingzhe ancient poetry

'after a drum of light thunder and a sting, the rain falls on the plum sky. According to the Chinese astronomical calendar, at 23:18 on March 5, the most dynamic solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar will be "Jingzhe".

Jingzhe nature is a beautiful start of the year. Everything recovers and the spring thunder starts to ring. This breath of spring is full of natural poems. Let's see how the ancients chanted Jingzhe!

Tian Jia

Wei Yingwu (Tang Dynasty)

The light rain makes all the flowers fresh, and a thunderbolt starts to sting.

The farmhouse was idle for a few days, and farming began from then on.

Ding Zhuang is in the field, and the field and garden are also in order.

When you come back, you can drink the water from the West stream.

He who is hungry does not suffer, but is happy.

There are no corvee for storing goods in the warehouse.

Those who are ashamed and do not plough will get their food out of their mouths.

Yiquexing and Zhu Pingshi

(Tang) Jia Dao

Xuanniao male and female, spring thunder more than Jingzhe.

The mouth holds the mud of the Yellow River, and the sky is the corner of the sky.

Don't go back in one night. I'll leave all the young ones behind.

The two birds embrace benevolence and righteousness, and feed and labor.

The chicks are flying, and the clouds are shouting.

Although the finches are tiny, they feel guilty and sincere.

It's hard for a good bird to show itself. Fortunately, it's the master's book.