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Is the puppet cat easy to keep? These precautions should not be ignored

Is the puppet cat easy to keep? These precautions can not be ignored: the body weight of the puppet cat is relatively large, but its personality is gentle and quiet, very friendly to people, strong tolerance, strong tolerance for pain, and it is very simple and easy to raise, but in the process of raising, we still need to pay attention to relevant matters, which can not be ignored.

1. Puppet cats are suitable for indoor breeding and are not suitable for playing outside. So it's better to have a complete set of cat raising equipment at home, such as cat grabbing board, cat climbing frame, etc., so as to reduce the possibility of cat grabbing furniture and other items everywhere.

2. The puppet cat is good at pleasing the owner, always around the owner. This kind of cat likes to be quiet, but also likes to play with toys, and likes to participate in daily life at home. The puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks the instinct to protect itself. If you want the puppet cat to be happy, you'd better spend more time with them to play games.

3. The puppet cat is a kind of medium and long haired cat, so daily fur combing is essential. However, most of the puppet cats do not need to be combed, and they rarely lose their hair and get hairballs. Because puppet cats are more gentle, it is a relatively simple job to comb their hair, but careful care can bring unexpected beauty.

4. The puppet cat is sociable. It is not jealous like other cats, so it can keep other pets while keeping the puppet cat.

5. Puppet cats like to have close contact with people. They will run to the door to welcome you back. They will follow you from room to room. They are willing to follow you and lie down on you. So the cat owner must be patient with them and let them be around you all the time, so that they can feel the love of the owner.

6. The puppet cat is a late maturing breed. Its fur color will not be plump until it is at least 2 years old, while its physique and weight will not be fully developed until it is at least 4 years old. The newborn kitten's whole body is white. A week later, the kitten's face, ears and tail begin to have color changes. It is not until the age of 2 that the coat stabilizes, and it does not fully grow until the age of 3-4.