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What is the charge standard of didi Express

Nowadays, online car Hailing is becoming more and more popular. Many people will choose didi express which is fast and convenient when they go out. However, Didi express charges users a headache, because didi express charges different standards according to the changes of time and weather. Let's take a look at the charging standards of didi Express!

Didi express is a public transport service. The lowest price is less than 1 yuan per kilometer, which will greatly reduce the travel cost of the above-mentioned urban passengers. The charging standard of didi express is different in each city. In the same city, it will be adjusted according to the time period, extreme weather and other changes. Let's talk about didi express charge calculation table.

Calculation of didi express charge:

In terms of charging, Didi express is free of starting price and only charged according to mileage unit price and duration. Besides, all the fees paid by passengers are owned by the owners, and didi platform charges a certain service fee.

The "didi express" service has been built into the didi taxi app. Users can directly call "didi express" through the "express" entrance in the app to contact the owners who are willing to share the vehicle and travel together.

Here are the prices of "didi express" in eight cities:

Beijing: 1.50 yuan / km, 0.25 yuan / min

Tianjin: 1.50 yuan / km, 0.20 yuan / min

Guangzhou: 0.99 yuan / km, 0.35 yuan / min

Shenzhen: 1.60 yuan / km, 0.25 yuan / min

Hangzhou: 0.99 yuan / km, 0.30 yuan / min

Chengdu: 1.30 yuan / km, 0.20 yuan / min

Wuhan: 1.50 yuan / km, 0.20 yuan / min

Chongqing: 1.99 yuan / km, 0.30 yuan / min