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When to release one plus six appearance configuration price information summary

When to release one plus six appearance configuration price information summary

Sihai network: shortly after the end of the Spring Festival in 2018, major mobile phone manufacturers are ready to try out a wave of new machines. In addition to the oppo R15, Xiaomi mix2s and Huawei P20, one plus six is also expected. Let's take a look at the appearance, configuration and price information of one plus six.

Appearance: a few days ago, there were spy photos of one plus six on the Internet, but nothing is more real than the official photos of R15. After all, from the rhythm of last year, the overall appearance of one plus six will be consistent with R15. It's almost the same to change a logo and add a three-stage mute button, without much expectation.

From R15 official pictures and spy photos, one plus six will be equipped with a Liu Hai screen similar to the iPhone x, and the back cover of the glass body is used. Does that mean the wireless charging function is added? The camera is designed vertically, but it is not placed on the left side of the back, but in the middle. Under it is an oval fingerprint unlocking and a logo.

In addition, from the perspective of one plus six front bright screen spy photos, the screen frame seems to be quite thick. In fact, the author thinks that since there is a conventional fingerprint unlocking, it seems that there is no need to complete the screen. I believe that the super fast face unlocking will still exist, but it will not be equipped with a hardware level face recognition sensor (of course ~)

Screen: if there is no accident, I believe that one plus six will continue to use OLED display from Samsung, and the previous one plus leader also said that OLED material can reduce power consumption and body thickness, so the IPS with high voice should not return, as for whether it will use 2K resolution? Let's wait and see.

Camera: as for whether it will adopt a wide angle and a long focal or keep a plus 5 scheme, it will not be known until R15 is officially released, but what I hope is the return of OIS optical anti shake.

Conventional hardware: such as Qualcomm snapdragon 845 SOC and up to 8GB of memory will definitely be the best, so there is no need to worry about hardware configuration, it will definitely be the top level, but wonder if there will be a version of 256gb of storage space?

Release date and price: one plus three and one plus five are released in June, and the latter is still close to R11. However, from the release date of R15, one plus six is likely to speed up the release pace, maybe it will be officially launched in April? As for the price, the increase of glass body, Liu Haiping and new functions is likely to make the starting price of one plus six exceed 2999 yuan.