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Why do men commit suicide in the White House

The White House is the residence and office of the president of the United States. On the afternoon of the 3rd local time, shots were fired outside the White House of the United States. A self mutilated adult man was shot, and he has been declared dead. Why did the man shoot himself in the White House? Let's have a look!

Large numbers of police and secret service personnel

'the adult man who shot himself has been declared dead and his remains remain at the scene, and we are trying to inform his close relatives. "A spokesman for the police department informed the US media by email.

Earlier news said that the US Secret Service said it was "on lockdown" when it responded to reports that "someone was allegedly shot and self mutilated" on the 3rd of local time when shots were heard outside the White House. The source said a man was shot and wounded, which he caused himself.

According to the secret service, there were no other casualties related to the incident outside the north wing wall of the White House on Saturday afternoon local time. Reported that guns were found at the scene, but secret service did not shoot.

After the incident, law enforcement officers patrol with guns

Police said traffic had been blocked on the streets near the White House, and pedestrians had been banned from Pennsylvania Avenue. Armed law enforcement officers are patrolling the area.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said he was aware of the seriousness of the situation and the president had been briefed.

It is reported that President trump and his wife were not in the White House at that time, but on vacation at the sea lake manor in Florida. Trump is expected to return to Washington on Saturday night for a barbecue dinner.

It is understood that the White House, also known as the White House, is the residence and office of the president of the United States. On the evening of September 19, 2014, an unidentified person broke into the White House and the White House evacuated some people.

This incident led to the second emergency closure of the White House on the 10th. It is understood that on February 23 this year, a Tennessee woman deliberately crashed her car into a barrier outside the White House, causing the White House to close down.