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Is the nutritive effect of donkey hide gelatin increased 40 times in 15 years a few days ago, 12320 official micro blog said that Ejiao was just "boiled donkey skin", but later made a statement of apology. However, Ejiao became angry again these two days, because a survey found that Ejiao's value soared nearly 40 times in more than ten years. What made Ejiao's value double? What is the nutritional value of donkey hide gelatin? Let's get to the bottom of the puzzle.

The price of donkey hide gelatin soared 40 times

The first question of general concern is how effective is donkey hide gelatin. The official account of the national health 12320 Weibo previously posted a Weibo saying that through the phenomenon, Ejiao is just "boiled donkey skin". However, within a few days, the official account apologized. However, even apologies did not say exactly how effective Ejiao was.

The second mystery is that over the past decade, the price of donkey hide gelatin has increased nearly 40 times. So, as a traditional Chinese medicine health care product, is donkey hide gelatin worth so much money?

What is the nutritional value of donkey hide gelatin?

The main ingredient of donkey hide gelatin is actually protein like many other foods. The proportion of crude protein and collagen in donkey hide gelatin is 75.1% and 48.21% respectively. Although there are many kinds of amino acids in donkey hide gelatin, the proportion of essential amino acids in human body is very small, only 15.98% - 20.22%.

As animal skin products, collagen similar to that in donkey hide can be obtained by boiling pig skin, sheepskin or cowhide.

Like other proteins, collagen can only be absorbed by the human body through the transformation of the digestive tract. There is not much in particular. From the nutritional point of view, it can not meet the human body's demand for amino acids. It belongs to a kind of poor protein and is only used as an additive in the food industry of most countries. The magic donkey hide gelatin is no more noble than ordinary food. In fact, a large part of it is the result of business hype.

What's worse is that a large part of the quality of donkey hide gelatin circulating on the market is worrying. In order to save cost, many manufacturers use leather scraps, horse hide, cow hide, etc. to make the donkey hide glue, which is made from donkey hide. The heavy metal substances such as lead, mercury and arsenic contained in industrial products are likely to cause damage to human body.

When it comes to the history of donkey hide gelatin, it was not made from donkey hide, but from cow hide. From the Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty, it was changed to use donkey hide instead of cow hide.

It costs a lot of money, not only it doesn't get miraculous effect, but also it may cause harm to people's health. It's time to wake up from people's enthusiasm for donkey hide gelatin.

Besides, not only the so-called efficacy of donkey hide gelatin, shark's fin and bird's nest, but also the commercial hype.