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How to prevent children from influenza

How to prevent children from influenza in recent years, with people's attention to health, people pay more and more attention to influenza. Different from the common cold, influenza is a kind of stubborn viral cold, with a long incubation period, a fast spread of the virus, which will cause other major diseases or even death. Therefore, children must not be careless about getting influenza. What are the measures for children to prevent influenza? What medicine does the child get flu to take? Let's have a look.

What are the ways to prevent influenza in children

1. General prevention

A. during the epidemic period, we should widely publicize the methods of preventing influenza infection to the masses, and try to take children to public places with crowded crowds as little as possible, as well as to the places where the patients are concentrated in the outpatient department of the hospital. If necessary, we should even stop classes and go to the kindergarten, and encourage children to wear masks when they go out.

B. pay attention to physical exercise at ordinary times, and more outdoor activities in the sunshine, so as to enhance the cold resistance of the body.

C. pay attention to nutrition balance and prevent rickets and malnutrition.

D. in winter, the room air should be fresh. Open the window several times a day for air change to keep the room temperature constant.

2. Vaccination

A. live attenuated vaccine

B. inactivated vaccine

3. Drug prevention

A. amantadine

B. ribavirin and human exogenous interferon have certain effect

C. during the epidemic period of the virus, 1:2000 furacilin or 10% eucalyptus leaf solution was used to drop nose and spray throat.

D. take Chinese herbal medicines such as Folium Isatidis, Guanzhong, isatis root, Lithospermum, honeysuckle, etc.

What medicine should children take for influenza

Babies with influenza usually take antiviral drugs.

Commonly used antiviral drugs: the most common one is amantadine. Amantadine is more effective for influenza A. it should be used as early as possible. It is better to use it within 24 hours after the onset of the disease, which can shorten the course of disease and reduce symptoms. The dose was the same as the preventive dose, and the side effects were closely observed.

Other antiviral drugs: methylamantadine, helix amantadine, are more effective than amantadine, and viriline will play a role in influenza. If it can be taken within 24 hours after the onset of the disease, the children's temperature will drop 3-4mg / kg every time, three times a day, and the poisoning symptoms will be relieved within 48 hours, with a significant efficiency of 60%. In addition, there are also isopropinosine, ribavirin, selenocysteine, etc. there are reports in China that zinc gluconate lozenge has a certain effect on the treatment of cold.

Chinese herbal medicine treatment: laboratory screening has proved that there are dozens of Chinese herbal medicines with inhibitory or inactivating effects on influenza virus, such as isatis root, Arnebia, eucalyptus leaf, Guanzhong, goose does not eat grass, wormwood, honeysuckle, Coptis, Scutellaria, forsythia, etc., which can be selected as appropriate.


The drugs taken by the baby for influenza must be purchased under the guidance of the doctor. Never buy them by yourself, especially antibiotics (commonly known as anti-inflammatory drugs). If you do not have symptoms of bacterial infection (such as pneumonia), do not use antibiotics for your baby, because influenza is caused by viral infection rather than bacterial infection. Antibiotics do not work for virus search, so antibiotics do not work It will not only treat cold, but also cause flora disorder or drug resistance if abused.