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What should I do if I lose the exam permit?

In two days, 2017 college entrance examination will officially open. Every year before and during the exam, there will be various emergencies for examinees, which will easily cause the tension of examinees. For some common problems, sihainet life editor has summarized some problems and solutions that are easy to appear in the college entrance examination for you. Remember to collect them!

How to do insomnia before examination?

Near the examination, many examinees may suffer from insomnia due to nervousness and anxiety. How should examinee deal with the bad sleep before examination?

Qu Shan, chief psychiatrist of the people's Hospital of Peking University, explained in an interview with that insomnia before the exam is a physiological response when people respond to relatively important events, and does not need to be particularly nervous. Even if they do not sleep well, it has little impact on a young person, because the human body has a reserve function.

Can insomnia serious examinee take sleeping pills to alleviate it? For this, Qushan suggests that examinees who have never taken sleeping pills should not take them the day before the college entrance examination. She said that although the current drug treatment is safe, everyone's reaction to the drug is not the same, and if they do not adapt to the drug reaction, it may backfire.

What about heat stroke?

College entrance examination is in the hot summer, the temperature is too high, what should candidates do in case of heatstroke?

First of all, if there is physical discomfort in the examination room, candidates can immediately raise their hands to signal to the invigilator. In general, candidates are escorted by invigilators to leave the examination room temporarily, and medical personnel are responsible for emergency treatment.

Yuan Wei, deputy chief physician of emergency department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said in an interview with that if candidates suffer from heatstroke, they should move to a cool and ventilated place as soon as possible, unbutton their clothes, and let sweat evaporate and dissipate quickly. They can also take measures to wipe their bodies with cool towels and alcohol, and make up for water adequately.

He suggested that in order to avoid heatstroke due to hot weather, the diet of candidates should be mainly fruits and vegetables before and during the examination, and pay attention to rich food types, and appropriately supplement lean meat food. In addition, examinee should reduce too violent physical activity, pay attention to add water.

What about diarrhea?

Yuan Wei believes that diarrhea symptoms should be determined by the situation. Some diarrhea is caused by unclean diet. At this time, you should be careful to dehydrate, pay attention to fluid supplement, and consider taking antidiarrheal drugs for continuous diarrhea. If it is caused by bacterial infection, such as bacterial dysentery, you need antibiotic treatment.

But if the examinee is too nervous, the body will also be in the state of intestinal irritation and diarrhea. In this case, it is not necessary to carry out too much drug treatment, but to take the initiative to relax emotionally.

Doctors remind candidates to pay attention to food hygiene and adjust their mentality before and during the examination.

How does too tight appear bosom frowsty, giddy wait for a symptom to do?

Before entering the examination room, some examinees may suffer from chest tightness and dizziness due to over tension. Yuan Wei explained that what is called "over ventilation" in medicine is due to emotional tension or over excitement, which leads to rapid respiratory rate, excessive loss of carbon dioxide, respiratory alkalosis, hypokalemia and discomfort.

But these symptoms are completely caused by mental state and emotion, not organic diseases, and the symptoms will be relieved after emotional calm. If you have these symptoms before the test, you can try to take a paper bag or roll it into a tube and put it on your mouth to breathe, so as to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and help relieve the symptoms.

How does the female college entrance examination meet the physiological period to do?

College entrance examination meets physiological period is a headache for many girls. How to deal with this situation?

Zheng Tingping, a resident in obstetrics and gynecology at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that if there was no obvious discomfort during the physiological period, it would not have a great impact on candidates. However, if a candidate happens to be in the physiological period during the college entrance examination, and has severe dysmenorrhea, you can consider taking ibuprofen and other pain relievers to relieve the symptoms.

But she reminded that painkillers should not be taken in large quantities at one time. At the same time, because it takes a while for the drug to take effect, it is suggested that candidates should not wait for the pain symptoms to take the medicine, but should choose to take the medicine before the previous time point of starting dysmenorrhea, so the effect is better.

In addition, doctors suggest that examinees should pay attention to the rules of work and rest at ordinary times, take a rest early in the evening, and avoid staying up late. Parents can also stew some dates, wolfberry and other foods with the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis for children to eat, so as to relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms.

What about the loss of ID card?

The college entrance examination requires candidates to hold the second-generation ID card and examination permit for reference. If candidates lose their ID card before the examination, they should immediately go to the public security department to apply for a temporary second-generation ID card, or call 110 first to explain their own situation, and then consult the nearest police station where they are located.

The reporter learned that the public security departments in many areas set up special channels for college entrance examination candidates. For example, the household administration hall of the population management branch of Beijing Xicheng Public Security Bureau will open a green channel for examinees. Those examinees with household registration in Beijing can apply for a temporary ID card on the spot when they show their college entrance examination permit and the receipt of their ID card.

How to deal with the loss of the examination permit?

Before the college entrance examination, if the examination permit is lost, the examinee shall immediately contact the county (District) admissions office where the household registration is located, and the county (District) admissions office has an emergency solution.

If you find that your ID card or pass card is lost or forgotten on the day of the test, you don't need to panic. You can contact the teacher at the test site or the team leader immediately and explain the situation. There is an emergency solution for the test site. Candidates can take the current course first, and then they must provide valid identity certificates to confirm their identity.

What about the traffic jam on the day of the exam?

In order to avoid being late for the exam, candidates can be familiar with the location of the exam site before the exam, scientifically and reasonably design the travel mode and route, and arrange the travel time in advance. It is better to arrive at the exam site at least half an hour in advance before each exam.

In addition, the transportation department also introduced a series of safeguard measures for the college entrance examination. On the way to the test site, in case of traffic accident, the examinee can call the '122' traffic alarm service phone in time or ask the traffic police on duty for help. The traffic police will help the examinee for help.