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What should we pay attention to when eating tomatoes in spring tomato, a well-known food, is a common product on every family's dining table. It's common in all seasons of the year. Generally speaking, there are few taboos to eat tomatoes, but there are always exceptions, right? Tomatoes also have a series of precautions, which are listed below. What should we pay attention to when eating tomatoes in spring

1. Immature and not edible

Green tomato contains alkaloid glycosides (solanine), which are needle like crystals, very stable for alkalinity, but can be hydrolyzed by acid. Therefore, immature green tomatoes often feel uncomfortable when they are eaten. If they are light, they will feel bitter in the mouth. If they are serious, they will be poisoned.

2. It is better not to eat with cucumber

Because cucumber contains a vitamin C decomposing enzyme, it will destroy the rich vitamin C in other vegetables. Tomatoes are typical vegetables rich in vitamin C. if they are eaten together, the vitamin C we take from tomatoes will be destroyed by the catabolic enzymes in cucumbers, which will not achieve the effect of nutrition supplement.

3. It's not suitable to eat on an empty stomach

Tomatoes contain a lot of soluble astringent and other ingredients. They will react with gastric acid, and then coagulate into blocks that will not be dissolved. Then these hard blocks are likely to block the outlet pylorus of the stomach, causing gastrointestinal fullness, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

4. It is not suitable to take heparin, dicoumarin and other anticoagulant drugs

Tomatoes contain more vitamin K. Vitamin K: it is mainly used to catalyze the synthesis of prothrombin and thromboplastin in the liver. The minimum requirement for dogs is 30ug / kg body weight. When vitamin K is insufficient, the clotting time is prolonged due to the restriction of prothrombin synthesis, resulting in subcutaneous and muscular bleeding.

How to eat tomatoes in spring

1. Oil free tomato and eggplant casserole

Ingredients preparation: eggplant 2, tomato 3, chili sauce, soy sauce, chicken essence, sugar

Step: cut the eggplant and tomato into pieces for use; stir fry the eggplant (add a small amount of water each time when it is dry) and add half spoon of hot sauce and a little salt to stir fry until it is soft, and then add the tomato to continue to stir fry until the tomato becomes soft; finally add the hot sauce, soy sauce, chicken essence and sugar, stir fry evenly and add a small half bowl of water to stew. Until the tomato puree thick soup can be out of the pot.

2. Pickled tomato

How to do it: first heat the olive oil in a pot, then add a spoonful of garlic, 1 / 2 spoonful of anise and 1 / 2 spoonful of chili powder. Pour the vinegar and sugar into the pot, heat for 3 minutes to make the sugar melt completely, and then cool it for a while. Put the sauce in a jar, then put in three cut tomatoes, then put them in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

3. Frozen tomato soup

How to do it: cut 5 medium-sized tomatoes, put them in a blender, add half seeded cucumbers, half a cup of green pepper, 1 / 4 cup of onion and a spoonful of olive oil. Stir for 20 minutes, then refrigerate for 15 minutes.