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When will oppo R15 release oppo R15 configuration price information at the beginning of 2018, the mobile phone market has begun a new year's' fight '. This year, the domestic market competition is still fierce. In addition to international manufacturers apple and Samsung, domestic brand conferences will be staged in turn this year. As an offline giant, oppo will not let go of the' comprehensive screen 'this year, and the next new oppo R15 will be launched after R11. What is the price of oppo R15 configuration? When will oppo R15 be released? Let's have a look.

This morning, oppo released the front view of R15 mobile phone on the official website, and opened the appointment of these two products on the official website.

Compared with r11s, oppo R15 adopts the "super vision comprehensive screen" design patented by oppo. The camera and sensor area of R15 can be seen at the top of the front. The frame on both sides is very narrow, and the frame on the bottom is slightly wide. From the view of screen share, it is better than most of the comprehensive screen mobile phones on the market.

In terms of configuration, oppo R15 is expected to adopt Qualcomm snapdragon 660 or the yet to be released 670 processor, while still focusing on photo taking.

According to the dream mirror version, it is reported that R15 will be divided into two kinds of back shells, metal and glass.

When is oppo R15 available?

In the afternoon of March 2, oppo officially released the oppo R15 publicity poster on the official wechat, officially named R15, and dreamy mirror version. Oppo R15, as the next generation of r11s, still continues the comprehensive screen design, and there will be significant changes in the appearance design.

The release time of oppo R11 in the first half of last year is June 10. Considering that many mobile phone manufacturers have advanced the release time of full screen new phones this year, it is clear that oppo R15 is no exception. In addition, the release time of oppo R15 has been exposed in advance and announced that it will be released soon, so the release time of oppo R15 is likely to be raised to April or may.

Therefore, it is not hard to guess that the IPO time of oppo R15 is April or may, compared with last year's R11 before June, it should be no suspense.