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Who is Feng? Who are the four heavenly kings

The much watched "hot blood hip hop dance group" will be aired in iqiyi on March 17, and then on six nights a week. Hot blood hip hop dance troupe is a variety show joined by Lu Han, Chen Weiting, Song Xi, Wang Jiaer and the top dance troupe in China.

Who is Feng, a good dancer of the hot blood hip hop dance group?

"Hot blood hip hop group" is a homemade variety show created by the original group of "hip hop in China". Besides Lu Han, Chen Weiting, Wang Jiaer and Song Xi, the hot blood hip hop dance troupe is also one of the top dance troupes in China.

It is reported that Feng Zheng has been in touch with hiphop since 1998, and is good at poppin and lockin. Feng Zheng can be said to be the chief Popper of dancer, the elder of China. He has won many big awards, and won the solo champion in 1998-01. At the same time, he has served as the judge of hip-hop competitions for many times, such as: the judge of 2003 and 2004 National College Students' hip-hop dance competition, and the judge of 2005 National TV hip-hop dance competition.

Wujia dance is a very famous hip-hop dance group founded by Feng Zheng and Gao Bo. It is said that the members of the hip-hop dance team have assembled the best star lineup of all kinds of Chinese hip-hop dance.

Who are the four great kings of dancing?

It is understood that the four great kings of dancing are Huang Jingxing, Yang Wenhao, Feng Zheng and Lin Meng. As for the ranking of the four heavenly kings of dancing, netizens all have their own opinions. Some people think that the ranking should be: Huang Jingxing, Yang Wenhao, Lin Meng and Feng Zheng. Some netizens think it is: Huang Jingxing, Feng Zheng, Yang Wenhao, Lin Meng.

In any case, it is generally acknowledged that the first is Huang Jingxing. There is no doubt that Dino Huang Jingxing is one of the most powerful poppers in China. But it can only be said that Dino is the strongest one in terms of comprehensive strength and playing quality, but it doesn't mean that he is invincible. Both Shitou and Fengzheng have the strength to win him.