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All over the country the bride price is regarded as a bride price for weddings. It's just a happy and auspicious picture. However, in recent years, the price of the bride price has been soaring and the trend of soaring has not been seen at all. Recently, a 688000 bride price video has been wildly spread on the Internet. What's the matter? What is the price of the lottery in 2018? Let's have a look.

On February 19, a video with a code of 688000 yuan lottery gift was spread on the Anyi people's Internet. It is reported that this is the son of an aluminum alloy boss in Anyi who was asked by the woman for a priceless gift.

The higher the price of bride price, the marriage that should have talked about the relationship looks more like a transaction. Is it just the high price of bride price that can guarantee marriage?

Some netizens cried bitterly for the heavy colored gifts, and some netizens proposed to govern the rural customs.

This kind of marriage, emotional foundation is not strong, happiness is not strong, naturally prone to problems. Love is not a trade, marriage is not a trade. Don't let the soaring bride price become a 'sweet burden', and don't let the naked transaction lead to the sorrow of young men and women. Every young friend should be brave to pursue his own happiness, not lose himself under the bad habits.

Ranking list of bride price around the country:


Gifts: generally 100000 + three gold (gold rings, gold earrings, gold necklaces) are standard match. Three gold looks at the conditions, and there will be three gold basically.

A Wuhan man said: the price of the lottery is 100000 yuan. The man of the new house decorates and buys furniture. The woman will also marry herself. There are cars, decorations, furniture and so on.


The survey shows that 200000 yuan plus one suite. The value of a suite in Beijing is not low.

But there is a rumor from the community that the $10001 lottery is just a good omen in case one is chosen. Generally, we only need to meet the needs of both parties, and we don't need any other gifts. Do you have a small partner in Beijing to popularize it?


There is a slight difference between Beijing and Beijing in cash gift, 100000 yuan plus one suite.


Guangzhou three Jin plus bride price must have, the house is also necessary.

According to anecdotal reports, Guangzhou women are locals and outsiders. The only child and non only child have different requirements for bride price. The local only child needs the highest bride price.

In contrast, many rural areas have more bride prices.

"In Baoding rural areas, if the man does not have a formal job, the lottery starts with 100000 yuan, and he has to buy a house and a car in the county and city. 'said a Baoding boy. This is almost the 'standard' for marriage in the local countryside.

According to him, there are still many things to pay attention to in the local countryside. For example, the gift money needs to be 'colorful and green', that is, 10000 5 yuan (purple) bills, 1000 100 yuan (red) bills, plus a 50 yuan (green) Bill, which costs at least 150000 yuan.

In some rural areas of Henan Province, we pay attention to meeting ceremony, leaving mother fee, bride price, drinks and other matters. A local netizen said: 'there are more men than women. Now, when a man marries a daughter-in-law, he usually gives about 100000 yuan for bride price, 200000 yuan for the more and 50000 yuan for the less. In addition, there is no dowry at home. '