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What's the matter with Ma Yun's photo with the traffic police exposed on the Internet? It's not emba

Recently, the photos taken by Ma Yun and the traffic police are a bit overwhelming. I don't know what happened. Did Ma Yun do something wrong? Of course not. It's like this.

On February 28, Ma Yun went to Shangzhi City, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province to attend the Yabuli China entrepreneur forum. In the blizzard weather, all members of the local traffic police detachment were on duty on the road. Ma Yun shook his window to thank the police for taking a photo.

It is reported that the day Heilongjiang encountered Blizzard weather, in order to ensure traffic safety, the local traffic police detachment cancelled the leave, on duty on the road. After meeting this situation, Ma Yun, who went to the forum, took the initiative to roll down the car window to thank the traffic police for their work.

Interestingly, Ma Yun got out of the car to take a photo with the traffic police on duty, which was a very considerate move. However, Ma Yun's position when taking photos seems a bit awkward. If you just look at the photos, I'm afraid that many netizens will mistakenly think Ma Yun was arrested!

To this end, the official microblog of Beijing Ping An also released a photo of Ma Yun with the traffic police, and added, "take a photo with the police, if the station is not ideal, don't forget to smile.".