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How does girls' day come from? What is the origin of girls' Day

How does girls' day come from? What is the origin of girls' Day now people like festivals very much. In recent years, girls' day has become popular. Girls' Day is the day before women's day on March 8. Do you know how girls' day comes? Let's take a look at the origin of girls' day.

What is the origin of girls' Day

Women's Day originated in Shandong University in China. The first women's Day was held in the science hall of Shandong University on March 7, 1986. Since then, the major media have made detailed follow-up reports on the new thing of "girls' Day", which has gradually spread among the ivory towers.

Every year, on the international women's day of March 8, (which has evolved into the "beautiful day"), college girls do not want to call themselves women, and do not want to give up the privilege of women's festivals. Since then, there has been the women's day. We all call March 7, the day before March 8 'girls' Day'.

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's day. Of the dozen college girls interviewed randomly by the reporter, almost all decided to prepare a gift for their elders on women's day, not for themselves. In the face of this phenomenon, the reporter asked these girls with different personalities curiously: 'why didn't you think of giving yourself a gift? 'such a question. The answer they gave was almost the same: 'women's day? Isn't that a festival for married women? It has nothing to do with us. 'some students said:' 38 has become a derogatory term. Whoever wishes me a happy women's day will be in a hurry. '

'we all loved & lsquo; girls' Day & rsquo;, and the term girls seems to fit our mood better. Girls mean to me that they can be more fashionable and keep their youth forever. I think when I use girls to describe myself, it's a yearning for youth and independence. 'said Li Yifei of Normal University with a smile. Girls also said that "Celebrating the girls' Day" is not to resist growing up, but to appreciate the maturity and at the same time to retain the innocence and vitality of girls. '