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How to prevent cold in spring? How to care

although spring is a warm season, it is also a common season for influenza and other epidemic diseases. However, the resistance of the baby is poor. How to prevent and care for the cold is the knowledge that every mother needs to learn. How to prevent cold in spring

1. When the baby sweats during exercise, don't undress him immediately, wipe the sweat off his body with a dry towel, and then take off another one later. If your baby has less exercise or feels cold, put on the coat you take off.

2. Increase the time and times of outdoor activities. The long winter has finally passed. When the weather is sunny and windless, take your baby out to the sun, breathe fresh air, and enhance his disease resistance.

3. Pay attention to reduce the chance of cross infection. After the increase of baby's activities, we should also pay attention to reduce the chance of cross infection, and take the baby less to crowded places. Remember to wash your hands when you come back. Family and friends must also wash their hands with soap and water before holding the baby. After the family has a cold, the family should pay attention to timely ventilation.

How to care for baby cold in spring

1. Maintain normal temperature

Proper temperature and humidity are important factors to keep baby's respiratory tract clean. When the indoor temperature is too high and the humidity is too low, it will greatly reduce the baby's respiratory ciliary movement function, reduce the ability of respiratory tract to resist pathogens, repeatedly suffer from the invasion of pathogens, the inner lining of respiratory tract is damaged, and the baby's cough will last forever. For the baby, the most suitable indoor temperature is 18-22 ℃.

2. Improve the drying environment

Viruses and bacteria are often adsorbed on floating dust several times larger than them. Floating dust enters human body through baby's breathing and accumulates for a long time, which leads to serious diseases. Air drying leads to dust flying, so that the dust with bacteria is inhaled into the respiratory tract, causing respiratory tract infection, and conducive to the growth and reproduction of some viruses and bacteria. Japanese scholars have come to a quantitative value: appropriate environmental humidity can effectively inhibit the survival of influenza virus. When the environmental humidity is lower than 35%, the survival time of influenza virus is more than 24 hours; when the environmental humidity is higher than 50%, the survival time of influenza virus is less than 10 hours. Therefore, as long as the environmental humidity is properly increased and controlled at more than 50%, the survival of influenza virus can be effectively inhibited and virus invasion can be prevented.

3. Reasonable use of compound cough and cold medicine

"Compound" means that a medicine contains a variety of effective ingredients, but the compound cough and cold medicine belongs to the medicine that we often call "treating symptoms without treating the root", which will not eliminate the cause of disease, but only relieve the cough, runny nose and other uncomfortable symptoms caused by the cold. Different pharmaceutical companies may produce compound cough and cold medicines with the same ingredients, but they have different trade names when they are sold in drugstores, which is easy to cause excessive poisoning due to repeated use. 4. Correct injection for fever relief

Some parents may not correctly recognize that fever is caused by the immune system of the body. They think that high fever is a very serious disease. The way to choose a quick decision is to give fever relief injection. The mechanism of antipyretic acupuncture is to inhibit the fever center, in fact, it suppresses immunity, so that the baby's body can not fight against this disease, the virus is easy to cause infection in the body.