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What are the 2018 hot songs in the past two years, video live broadcasting has entered the era of national live broadcasting. As the most popular live software, the fast hand app has also brought a large number of songs. What are the songs of the 2018 fast hand fire? Let's take a look at the 2018 hot songs list.

2018 hot songs list

Empty as well

Singer Hu 66, familiar with the strange feeling, repeated those plots, but also miss a little bit, a little bit, a page, only separated for more than 300 days, simple melody, with such lyrics, a good song.


The singer Yu Wenwen said that this song was sung to Lin Jia and Meng Yun, as well as to all Zixia and zhizunbao in the world. How many people did this song cry?


Singer Mai Xiaodou, released his first single on October 24, 2017, ranked first in the QQ music summit - online songs.

The songs are as beautiful as the sounds of nature, and the lyrics are as elegant as the poems, bringing a mint like stream to the music world!

Bingbian disease

The original song was cubi / fi9. The first explosion was the online cover song, which let more people know the song. The first time I listened to the song, I thought that cubi must be a boy with a story, but the writer was too delicate to describe me and you. The pathological changes of the female version were also very good and toxic.

The agreement under the cherry tree

It's said that the most beautiful female version of a song played now is actually a song sung by a little sister named "Li Gongli". It sounds great. It reminds us of the years of reading. The pictures of rushing and singing like a song come and go, without a trace of calling for wheat. It's so pure.

Wish post it notes

A very old song, suddenly on fire, let's perform wish post it gesture dance together.

Drunk Red Cliff

Lin Junjie's songs, originally very pleasant to listen to, have been popular recently, and won the first place in the hot songs list of Netease cloud and QQ music Lao Lin.


After 80000 and 9420, there is a digital song, which is a Cantonese song. In fact, this song is the remix of "me you" by sane and Bai Yishu. On a warm winter afternoon, when you hear this song, it seems that you are back to high school at once.. .


Luo Dayou is a song in memory of sanmaogai, a female writer. The meaning of this song is to miss the dreams of the dead living, and there are endless stories to read.

Wait a minute

This song is sung by Hua Jie, an ordinary large-scale singer who is similar to Cecilia Cheung. Maybe her life experience has made this song a brand-new style, and it can melt a fickle heart in an instant. Therefore, this song has become popular on the Internet and spread all over the streets.