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Fast reduction of abdominal fat in spring

it's a big problem for the long-term sedentary office workers how to reduce the abdominal fat in spring, so how to reduce the abdominal fat? Here are three kinds of abdominal reduction actions to help you get rid of abdominal fat! 1. Sit ups

Why can sit ups play the role of weight loss? Because sit ups are highly targeted, and can fully exercise the abdominal fat, so that the abdominal flabby fat becomes tight, but the action must be standard, and the exercise should be appropriate, otherwise the stomach may not be sour the next day.

Correct way of sit up: lie on the mat, bend your legs to 90 degrees, and put your feet on the ground. The hands can be placed behind the head or on both sides of the body (the closer the hands are to the head, the stronger the abdominal muscle strength is required, and the harder it will be to do actions. Beginners can cross their hands behind the head after the abdominal muscle is strengthened). Use the strength of abdominal muscles to slowly pull up the body and exhale when rising. When the body rises to about 10-20cm from the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles and pause for a while, then slowly lower the body back to its original position.

2. Shake hula hoop

Hula hoop can reduce the belly, because in the process of rotating hula hoop, we should make full use of the power of the waist and abdomen, and at the same time, we can shape the waist line. However, we should choose the hula hoop with moderate weight. If it is too heavy, it will cause load to the body, and if it is too light, it will be hard to shake it up.

3. Horizontal abdominal movement

The reason why this set of horizontal abdominal muscle exercise can reduce the belly is that it is also aimed at the abdominal and lumbar movement, first reducing the upper abdominal fat and then the lower abdomen, and then exercising the waist line, which is worth a try.

Practice on the navel: lie on the bed or floor, keep the lower body still, and then sit up, which can make the protruding part of the stomach tight and flat.