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What are the precautions for girls during menstruation? What food can't girls eat during menstruatio

For a lot of girls, does the arrival of aunt every month make you very collapse? Many girls will have the problem of menstrual pain, so which foods can't be eaten during menstruation? What are the precautions for menstrual diet? Besides keeping warm during menstruation, we must drink more boiled water and eat less spicy and stimulating food!

1. Avoid cold food and warm food. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if blood gets hot, it will work; if blood gets cold, it will stagnate. During menstrual period, eating raw cold is harmful to digestion, and it is easy to injure Yang Qi of human body, which leads to internal cold, cold stagnation, poor circulation of menstrual blood, too little menstrual blood, and even dysmenorrhea. Even in the hot summer season, it is not suitable to eat cold drinks during menstruation. During menstrual period, the diet should be warm and hot, choose kelp, jujube, sorghum, Coix rice, mutton, apple and other food, and eat less cold and diarrhea food such as pear, water chestnut, water chestnut, winter melon, mustard, hemp kernel.

2. Avoid hot and sour food. During menstruation, women feel particularly tired, their digestive function is weakened, and their appetite is poor. Therefore, they should pay attention to the light and easy digestion and absorption of food in diet, and avoid eating too sour and stimulating food, such as mountain plants, pickled vegetables, vinegar, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc.

3. Prevent iron deficiency and mix meat and vegetable. Iron is an essential trace element for human body. Iron not only participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin and many important enzymes, but also plays an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging and energy metabolism. Due to the loss of iron during menstruation, it is very important to supplement food rich in iron. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, etc. are rich in iron, and they are easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body due to their high biological activity. However, the plant iron rich in soybean and spinach has a low absorption rate. Therefore, we should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetable, and eat more animal food to meet the special needs of iron during menstruation.