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How fast is 5g network? What's the difference between 5g and 4G?

In 2018, the world will usher in the 5g era. China's three major operators will launch 5g pilot in 12 cities, including the first tier cities such as beishangguangshen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin and Nanjing. How fast is the 5g network that many people are curious about? What's the difference between 5g network and 4G network?

4G and LTE technology are synonymous, they are the evolution of existing 3G wireless standards. In fact, LTE is an advanced form of 3G, which marks the transfer of data / voice hybrid network to data only IP network. LTE can achieve higher data throughput, mainly depends on two key technologies: MIMO and OFDM. The full name of the latter is orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, which can achieve high data transmission rate and allow multiple users to share a common frequency band. 4G mobile network has now entered the stage of rapid popularization. At the same time, 5g standard has begun to emerge.

The so-called "5g network" refers to the fifth generation mobile communication technology, which belongs to the upgraded version of 4G network. In terms of 3G, 4G and 5g networks, G is the abbreviation of the English word "generation". Therefore, 5g network means the fifth generation mobile communication technology.

In the mobile network, the first generation network has been eliminated for a long time. At present, the mobile network is divided into GSM (2G network), 3G network, 4G network and the next generation 5g network. Among them, GSM network is the second generation mobile communication technology, which is still common in some remote places, while 3G and 4G network are still the mainstream.

As the fifth generation mobile communication network, 5g network has the highest theoretical transmission speed of tens of GB per second, which is hundreds of times faster than 4G network. In theory, the entire movie can be downloaded in one second.

What's the difference between 5g and 4G networks?

For users, the biggest difference between 5g network and 4G network is that the speed is fast. The maximum peak speed of 4G network can reach 1g Internet speed, while 5g network can reach 10g or even higher, and the speed can reach hundreds of times of the former.

In short, 5g network will be the real upgrade of 4G network, which will bring higher network speed based on 4G network. In addition, 5g network not only has higher transmission rate, but also has the characteristics of low delay, high reliability and low power consumption. Low power consumption can better support the future application of the Internet of things.