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What's the best wish message for the Lantern Festival in 2018

It's another year's Lantern Festival. As an important traditional festival in China, Lantern Festival attracts people's attention. Besides watching lanterns and guessing riddles, it's also necessary to send a blessing message to relatives and leaders. Do you know what the blessing words of Lantern Festival are?

Singing and dancing to celebrate the Lantern Festival, Chinese people show their faces and smile, auspicious accompanied by Ruixue, happy auspicious stars every day. Tangyuan is fragrant, sweet, warm, family and friendship, wonderful and joyful. Today, reunion is better than immortals. Lantern Festival, happy party, Ruyi report, happiness pile up!

The Lantern Festival thinks of you, sends a message to greet you, sends some warmth to accompany you, seeks the good luck belongs to you, the good fortune wealth covers you, the true feeling blessing sends to you, wishes you the Lantern Festival to be joyful, everything goes well with the best wishes.

The lantern festival bless you, make a lantern to give you! Slippery, sweet, sticky to your feelings!

All the bright lights shine on you, all the happy voices are you, all the warm wishes to you! I wish you a happy Lantern Festival and everything goes well!

Staring at your mellow face, my heart seems to be electrified. At this moment, you are so amazing, impulse ignited the flame of my desire, love your heart now more robust, lovely tangyuan. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival.

The cold winter fades, does not change the splendor of spring; the colorful seasons change, does not change the feeling of missing; the Lantern Festival comes, does not change the far-reaching thinking. Yuanxiao message wish you: life is like a hundred flowers brilliant, happy for a long time!

The night sky of the Lantern Festival is gorgeous and resplendent, and the fireworks, guns and lights are interlaced. On both sides of the street, there are many lanterns in the street. The world of people's ocean lantern is very beautiful. I wish you a happy reunion at the Lantern Festival. I'd like to enjoy the flowers, watch the lanterns, guess the riddles and win the prize.

The first month, the 15th month, the full moon, according to the infinite human feelings. Families celebrate the reunion, singing and laughing all over their homes. Small dumplings taste beautiful, home characteristics of mind. Watching lanterns and appreciating dragons is like a tide, expecting to win every year. I wish you a happy family and a happy life!

The Lantern Festival is really lively, watching fireworks and setting off firecrackers; the lanterns are red and bright, full of windows and jubilant; the Tangyuan is fragrant and sweet, with good fortune and family reunion; the days are more prosperous, with a wide range of wealth and happiness; I wish you a good future and a peaceful life!

The Lantern Festival is full of joy. It's fate to know each other. Night light reflects the snow of Kyushu, hoping that the full moon will last forever. It's hard to express the meaning of the Jianghu in a single word. If you don't wish all the blessings, turn seven strings. Auspicious and festive often have, happy with the whole year. Happy Lantern Festival!

Happy skin, happy stuffing, round and round together; greeting soup, blessing fire, happy and happy cooking together; auspicious letter, warm message, Ruyi message to you, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

When the Lantern Festival comes, the moon is high and the moon is smiling at you. The Lantern Festival is especially sweet with its mouth in it. The fifteen yuan soup tastes beautiful. It's a happy entrance and spreads warm and true feelings. I wish you happy every day. I wish you all the best on the Lantern Festival.

When the 15th full moon shines on Kyushu, people of all ethnic groups enjoy a happy tour. Majestic gongs, drums, lion dances, stilts, Yangko dances. Concentrate on the lanterns. The riddles are interesting. Keep your eyes on appreciating the sweet dumplings. Wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

Enjoy the flowers, the moon, the flower lamp, the full moon, the Tangyuan, and the dream! In this lantern festival, may all your dreams, like the moon in the sky, the Tangyuan in the bowl, be round and happy!

According to the legend, the Tangyuan of the lantern festival represents sweetness and reunion; according to the legend, the lantern festival represents happiness and happiness; according to the legend, the message of the lantern festival represents sincerity and wish; friend, I wish you all the best in your future!

The package is happiness, the rising is joy, the rippling is happiness, and the overflowing is blessing. On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, I will send you a bowl of auspicious tangyuan. I wish you a round family, a round family, a happy life and a happy moon!

All kinds of trivia of life need people to face seriously. The good and bad career development often depends on people's mentality. It's better to give you sincere encouragement and wish you a happy holiday when the Lantern Festival comes.

Five stars are sent to you on the Lantern Festival: lucky stars protect your wealth and glory, lucky stars protect your good fortune, rich stars protect your wealth, longevity protect you from the sun and the moon, and love stars protect your love forever.

Auspicious flowers open for you, happy fruits for you, happy sweetness brewed for you, safe steps for you, blessing messages written for you, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival, good health, all the best!

On the Lantern Festival, boil a bowl of Tangyuan for you: peace skin wrapped with blessing stuffing, cooked with love, eat one happiness, eat two warmth, eat three health, eat one bowl to get rich, and drink soup smoothly!

The Lantern Festival is full of bright moon, the world is happy to celebrate the reunion, the lantern lights up a good future, the days are like Tangyuan sweet, healthy and happy new year, everything is optimistic and wish as you wish; I wish the Lantern Festival happy!

All the bright lights shine on you, all the joyous voices are you, and all the warm wishes are for you: a good month, a long life, a strong feeling for the Lantern Festival!

May this Lantern Festival bring you happiness, good health, family and beauty, distant family and friends, success in your career, success in your heart and dreams. I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival!

On the 15th day of the first month, there is a lantern festival, and thousands of families enjoy the moon and laugh; there are lanterns and fireworks everywhere to catch up with the bright moon; Tangyuan is in the pot and happy to roll and celebrate the reunion; SMS blessing to send friends and convey your and my care; blessing friends to be happy and round. Happy Lantern Festival!

The round moon is shining high, families are reunited, the round Tangyuan is sweet, life is happy and everything is round, the round smiling face is warm and harmonious, good luck comes with happiness and full circle, Lantern Festival, wish you a happy family and all the best

The beautiful flowers and the full moon set off the boundless true feelings and sentimental attachment, the gentle and sunny, flying endless deep feelings and thoughts, blessing the Lantern Festival, driving the incomparable wish for good, wishing you everything you want to achieve, and enjoying the Lantern Festival.

Flowers will wither, love will lose temperature, among friends, only sincere feelings can harvest sincerity, help others, is to help yourself, want to tell you, friends, thank you, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

With a sound of thundering, auspicious clouds overwhelm all the people. I saw the man with talent and spirit. I was lucky to be safe all the year round. Five blessings are coming to our door. Six six good things are coming in seven steps. Good luck and long-term fortune. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

Lantern Festival is a happy Lantern Festival

Happy holiday smile, happy happy everyone happy, the full moon reunion, I wish the family peace, health and wellbeing, happy, everything is complete, happy Lantern Festival!

The last sound of the new year has not gone away, but also ushered in the celebration of the Lantern Festival. In this happy and shared moment, text messages are also shared together. I wish you a good and fun dinner on the lantern night! I wish you a happy lantern night!