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Is there any scientific basis for sour and spicy women? Is it reliable for men and women to be deter

Is there any scientific basis for sour and spicy women? Is it reliable for men and women to be determined by acid and alkali food production there are many legends about giving birth to boys and girls in China. As the saying goes, "sour food is hot for girls", and some people say that eating sour food has a high probability of giving birth to daughters, and eating alkaline food has a high probability of giving birth to sons. Are these statements reliable? Here's a small part for you to announce one by one!

In fact, we can know the sex of the fetus after 16 days of pregnancy

Recently, medical experts in Israel found through a study that in fact, within three weeks of a woman's pregnancy, the sex of the fetus can be known.

Research experts followed 347 pregnant women. After delivery, they found that the maternal serum hormone of pregnant women with baby girls would be 18% higher than the normal value about 16 days after pregnancy.

The child's gender can be known by testing. The discovery predicts that within a dozen days of pregnancy, you can know whether the baby to be born is a boy or a girl.

Boys and girls have known for a long time

Method 1: B ultrasound

It can only be carried out after more than 16 weeks of pregnancy, with an accuracy of 80%, and requires fetal position coordination.

Method 2: amniocentesis

The accuracy rate was 99%, and the abortion rate was 1%

Method 3: chorionic villus biopsy

During 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, the accuracy rate was 99%, and the abortion rate was 3% - 5%, resulting in fetal hand and foot disability.

Reliable sex identification method 4: DNA blood identification

After 7 weeks of pregnancy, blood can be drawn to identify gender, with the most reliable accuracy rate of 99.4%.

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

How can a boy and a girl know early?

I. traditional saying:

1. The Qing Dynasty palace watch speculates that men are men and women are women;

2. Sharp bellied male, round bellied child;

3. A man with a small stomach and a woman with a large stomach;

4. Except for the male who has no fat in other parts of the body, the female;

5. The feet are not swollen in male, but swollen in female;

6. The reaction is not male, but female;

7. Quasi mm likes sour men and spicy women;

8. Mm to be ugly and beautiful;

9. The skin of quasi mm turns black, male and female;

10. The feeling of viviparity kicks and punches the man, and the whole body turns the woman;

11. Give birth to male and female earlier than expected;

12. Navel protruding male, not female;

13. B ultrasound showed that the boy with the baby's face outwards and the girl with the face mm;

(by the way, it can be seen from early B-ultrasound that it is generally accurate for male babies, not necessarily for female babies, because the chicks and chickens of male babies haven't grown well, hee hee)

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

2. Other statements:

1. The pregnancy line above the navel is straight, thin and direct to the two breasts of men, and vice versa;

2. The pregnancy line is to the left of male and to the right of female;

3. The fetal movement is left to the male and right to the female;

4. Fetal heart rate is about 140 males and 150 females;

5. Hardworking man and lazy woman of expectant mother during pregnancy;

6. The man whose nose becomes big and the woman who doesn't change;

7. The man who would like to eat long strips of fruits and vegetables and the woman who likes round fruits and vegetables;

8. The urine test of the mother to be is alkalescent for male and acidic for female;

Is pregnancy line accurate for men and women?

Is the pregnancy line accurate to see men and women? Some people think it is accurate, some people think it is not, this is also different from each other, and in all kinds of folk prescription to see men and women, the pregnancy line is relatively reliable. As for the birth of boys and girls, there is no particularly accurate method for all people, which is why some people say that some people are not sure. As for the popular novel method of reading men and women, pregnant women need not be too serious. After all, it is different from person to person, and the scientific basis needs to be investigated.

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

Other features mentioned on the Internet

1. Those with clear urination are male, whereas those with clear urination are female;

2. Press the thumb, the left hand will return blood quickly for male, and the right hand for female;

3. The left pulse is strong for male and the right pulse is strong for female;

4. The early fetal movement was male (16W) and the later was female;

5. The length of the fetal sac is male and the round is female;

6. The anterior wall of placenta is male and the posterior wall is female;

7. The belly is conceived as a man and the belly is conceived as a woman.

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

What do you think of the palace of men and women born in 2016

The Qing palace table consists of two parts. The abscissa is the month of pregnancy, from January to December, the ordinate is the age, from 18 to 45 years old. It is calculated by the virtual age of the lunar calendar (that is, the real age plus 1 year old), and the month of pregnancy is the month of conception. (the algorithm of virtual age is adopted in the palace diagram of Qing Dynasty, because the Chinese people in ancient times paid great attention to filial piety and respected their mothers. When the mother conceived in October, she counted the ten months in her mother's womb into her own age, so as to thank her for the pain she suffered. )

Is it believable to give birth to boys and girls?

The most accurate way to know the birth of boys and girls in advance is to do B-ultrasound, amniocentesis or blood test DNA.

However, it should be noted that the determination of fetal sex is to prevent the occurrence of concomitant genetic diseases, which has achieved the goal of eugenics and eugenics. In general, doctors will not do gender testing for pregnant women. In fact, boys and girls are the same. The key is that children are healthy and smart.


The prediction table of male and female students is also called the palace chart of male and female students. From the Han Dynasty to the Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Siku Quanshu, ancient books, medical books and documents of each generation, there is no literature about the prediction table of male and female students! The prediction table of male and female students only keeps the chart, does not indicate its detailed explanation, and its authenticity has no verifiable source. It is said that the prediction table of male and female students is based on the number of Heluo, the book of changes, mathematics and physics It is formed by the establishment of derivation, calendar calculation and deduction. What method can be used for calendar deduction in the prediction table for boys and girls? There is no basis for it. Why do we use the virtual age of women instead of the week age?

Although the prediction chart of boys and girls can guide pregnancy, it is still lack of science. What the mother to be really wants to do now is to keep a good mood, pay attention to pregnancy conditioning, and wait for the arrival of the monkey baby.

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

How to increase the probability of having boys and girls? Absolute Science

Can boys and girls decide on their own? To determine the gender of their children according to their own ideas is the hope of many pregnant parents, so can this really be achieved. What's the secret of giving birth to boys and girls and deciding the sex of babies? Let's reveal it one by one.

Method / step:

In order to give birth to a boy, first of all, people should pay attention to the fact that the body of a woman must be weakly alkaline when she is pregnant, because in this environment, it is more suitable for Y sperm to survive. Only Y sperm can give birth to a boy. In the alkaline environment, Y sperm has a strong ability of activity, and it is not difficult to make the body appear alkaline.

(1) as long as the vagina is cleaned with a dilute sodium bicarbonate solution in the morning and evening every day.

(2) try to let women reach orgasm, because during orgasm, the acidity in vagina is reduced, while the sperm is alkaline, that is to say, orgasm can increase the alkalinity in vagina.

(3) pay attention to the environmental temperature during pregnancy, and make sure to find the right time. It is easier to have boys in the environment with high temperature, because high temperature will affect the X chromosome of sperm, making it difficult for girls to be born, while temperature will affect the Y chromosome, and it is not easy for boys to be born.

(4) if both sides are more likely to give birth to a young man, the greater the sperm vitality, the greater the chance of giving birth to a boy, and the younger the female, the more alkaline substances in the vaginal endocrine, the easier it is to give birth to a boy,

(5) before a man wants to have a baby, he should eat more chicken, fish, meat, invigorating the Yang and nourishing the essence, nourishing the Qi and benefiting the kidney, so that the vitality of the sperm is stronger,

(6) one or two months before conception, women need to take natural calcium tablets, which can be used to give birth to boys,

(7) if you want to have a baby boy, you'd better be pregnant from April to June. At this time, the room temperature will gradually increase, which is very beneficial to the activity of Y sperm, so the probability of having a boy will increase.

Of course, there are some inferences according to the month, which are not scientific methods. We should fully understand the laws of the human body in order to correctly judge the birth of boys and girls.

(8) if you want to have a boy, eat more alkaline food, such as beans, apples, corn, fresh milk, grains, kelp, raisins, watermelon, cabbage, red taro, carrots, etc.

Boys and girls know that food acidity and alkalinity can control boys and girls?

Food acidity and alkalinity can be controlled


Women's vagina is generally acidic. If they secrete alkaline substances during orgasm, it is more suitable for Y sperm to survive. Those who want to have a boy should pay attention; those who want to have a girl should maintain the acid environment in their body. Diet control is to divide food into acidic, alkaline and neutral. Men eat acidic food more, women eat alkaline food, which can help to give birth to boys; while men eat alkaline food more, women eat acidic food more, which is more beneficial to give birth to girls.

Acidic food

Milk, eggs, fish, meat (such as beef, chicken, pork, fish); sour fruits (such as tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, grapes, apples, pineapples, etc.). )Dairy products other than fresh milk (such as cream, ice cream, cheese, flavored milk).

Alkaline food

Beans (such as: green beans, soybeans, red beans, tofu) vegetables, lettuce, potatoes, bamboo shoots, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, kelp; fruit (banana, watermelon, loquat); wheat flour products, milk, tea.