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It's also in the category of domestic violence

if you only give your husband 500 yuan a month for living, is it considered domestic violence? For many men, they are suffering from domestic violence besides physical violence. Is this kind of domestic violence experienced by the majority of male compatriots at the moment? They reported to the police for domestic violence, but in the end they didn't need follow-up help. It's hard to feel. On the eve of the second anniversary of the implementation of the law of the people's Republic of China on domestic violence, the women's Federation of Hangzhou issued a research report on the anti domestic violence work in Hangzhou yesterday.

The number of alarms increased by 75% in a year

After two years of practice, Hangzhou women's Federation commissioned Hangzhou joyous psychological counseling service center to carry out a special investigation on the city's anti domestic violence work. It was found that from 2015 to 2017, the number of domestic violence alarms in the main urban areas of Hangzhou showed an increasing trend every year, especially in 2016, the number of domestic violence alarms increased by 75% compared with 2015. Compared with other areas, the number of domestic violence alarms in urban-rural joint is higher.

A lot of people don't know about 'domestic violence'

Not long ago, Ms. Xu called the police at 110 and said that she had been beaten to a fracture by her husband. Staff came to know the situation and found that Ms. Xu suffered domestic violence not only this time. For more than ten years, her husband has been controlling her family's economy. Ms. Xu talks to other men, and her husband also questions her heart. After returning home, she continues to use abusive language to weaken Ms. Xu's self-esteem.

All of these behaviors belong to domestic violence. According to the research report, the residents in the main urban areas of Hangzhou have a unified cognitive attitude towards domestic violence such as behavioral violence, mental violence and sexual violence. However, the cognition of economic control, behavior control, cold violence and other violence is insufficient. In other words, many people are "domestic violence" but do not know it.

'domestic ugliness cannot be publicized' becomes the main reason for not being rescued

The results show that Hangzhou residents can turn to public security, women's Federation, civil affairs, community and other institutions for help in time in the face of domestic violence. However, for various reasons after the alarm, nearly 90% of the victims still choose "no need for follow-up assistance", indicating that the victims' willingness to further receive follow-up tracking services and help is low.

For example, Ms. Li, who was beaten by her husband, has been identified as a minor injury. Volunteers from Joyce psychological counseling service center accompanied her to report the case. After the police inquired about the record, Ms. Li was afraid of the impact on her husband and children's work after the case was filed. She was unwilling to file a case and only asked for divorce.

So, what's the reason why they don't want to be rescued? The first reason is that domestic ugliness can't be publicized. According to the survey, 72% of the people think it's a domestic scandal that can't be publicized. And 64.5% of the people think that for marriage, for children, to endure is to endure.

Volunteers from Hangzhou Hehuan psychological counseling service center said that for the victims of domestic violence, the key is to let the victims establish confidence and make themselves strong, which is the way to solve these problems, so anti domestic violence has a long way to go.

If you encounter domestic violence in your life, you can choose: call 110 or 12338 hotline of women's Federation; ask for help from the nearest community or women's Federation; send an alarm message to '12110'.