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What is the first song of the new "Xiaoao Jianghu" film? The theme song and episode of the new "Xiao

The new version of "Xiaoao Jianghu" will be broadcast. In front of countless classic versions, we will see how the new version of "Xiaoao Jianghu" will be evaluated. The repertoire of the new version of "Xiaoao Jianghu" has been published. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

New Xiaoao theme song / episode / episodic all song lyrics MV

Linghu Chong, the eldest disciple of Huashan sect, was born with open mind and unruly nature. The master Yue buqun was suspicious and expelled from his school because he accidentally got the essence of swordsmanship from all schools of the five mountains. Yuebuqun is very treacherous. For his unique "sunflower scripture", he designed to make all schools in the Wulin kill each other, only to kill themselves in the end. Linghu Chong eventually turned into a master of the Hengshan school, practicing the star absorption method and Yijinjing.

"The sea laughs" -- the opening song

Air: Deng Tongtian, mclier, an Yuhuo

Cui Zige and Lu Shilang in merciless heaven -- episode

Falling flowers Li Qi -- episode

Yang Ge -- episode

Flowers in brocade by Zhao Yilin -- interlude

"Tianyi" by Liu Runjie

"Lingyun" Gou naipeng -- promotion song

Is xinxiaoao beautiful in the Jianghu?

The world of the Jianghu is peaceful on the surface, but I don't know when there will be waves in the dark -- the sun and moon cult that kills famous and decent sects will rise in the dark. As the leader of the Jianghu group, Yuejian sect is responsible for saving the Wulin and eliminating the evil cult. Leaders of all schools want to enhance the power of the righteous in the Wulin with the skills of the five sacred mountains. They are looking for unique martial arts in various legends.

And the dark side of the alliance between the righteous and the powerful reflects the greedy face of many of them in the struggle for power. The exorcism sword manual is one of the peerless martial arts. This time the story begins with it. Huashan linghuchong came to the forest family's Fuwei escort agency at the order of his master, but he witnessed the massacre of the forest family. When he was chased by the Qingcheng sect of the forest family, he fell into the trap of the Blue Phoenix. He was poisoned by the five poisons cult and lost his orthodox identity.

Linghu Chong is eager to return to Huashan Mountain. He meets YingYing and Baibu on the road. They have a deep friendship, but they don't want Yingying to be the saint of the sun and moon cult. Baibu is the founder of the revival of the sun and moon cult. Linghu Chong will go through a hard transformation, and finally be proud of the Jianghu.