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Does Jiang Shuying and Du Jiang really lose weight by only eating salt and salt?

Recently, due to the good figure in the new year's movie "action in the Red Sea", Du Jiang suddenly burst into flames. While admiring his figure, we also want to know how he lost weight and how to achieve the goal of only 6.2% body fat. Recently, Jiang Shuying also published his way to lose weight by eating salt on Weibo. Can eating salt really reduce weight? Is eating salt harmful to the body?

Dujiang only eats salt for diet dinner

Eating salt can also reduce weight. What's the operation? Is it really reliable to eat salt to reduce weight? It's not always said that you need less salt and less oil during weight loss? It's not always said that salt can't be eaten more. Eating more will not only make you fat, but also cause many diseases?

According to Huo Siyan, salt is used instead of dinner. Eat a handful of salt, and then drink a lot of saliva, so it's even after dinner. In fact, such a statement has the meaning of joking, but it is also easy for many people to misunderstand. Think eating salt instead of dinner can really lose weight. It would be dangerous to be emulated.

Dujiang takes salt to lose weight

So, what's the significance of this approach in Dujiang? During the weight-loss period of many people, they will definitely control the amount of food, so naturally they will also control the salt intake. But normal people need a certain amount of salt. A certain amount of salt is also conducive to the function of the human body, otherwise people will become powerless, so how to lose weight?

Therefore, in the absence of food intake, intake of appropriate salt is also conducive to maintaining the basic function of the human body. But as Huo Siyan said, eating salt instead of dinner is not scientific.

Can salt really help you lose weight

Generally speaking, the daily salt intake standard of normal people is 2300G, and the standard of people over 50 years old is not more than 1500g. Moreover, if salt intake is too much, it will not only lead to hypertension, but also overload the operation of the kidney and shrink the gastric mucosa.

Therefore, Dujiang's way of eating only salt for diet dinner cannot be imitated. Weight loss and fitness, or a little more scientific. Follow the scientific method, but don't go too far to pursue the wrong way, in case you lose weight and hurt your body, it's not worth the loss.