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The origin of guessing riddles on Lantern Festival the legend of Lantern Festival

Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. There are many traditional activities among Chinese people, such as eating dumplings, watching lanterns and guessing riddles. Many friends don't know why the Lantern Festival guessing riddles. Today, Xiaobian told us the origin and legend of guessing riddles.

1. In memory of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty

The Lantern Festival was set up to commemorate Ping Lu in the reign of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty. After the death of Liu Bang, the Gaozu of Han Dynasty, Liu Ying, the son of empress LV, became emperor Hui of Han Dynasty. Emperor Hui was born cowardly and indecisive, and his power gradually fell into the hands of empress Lv. After the death of emperor Huidi in Han Dynasty, empress LV took charge of the government. The old officials of the court and Liu's clan were deeply indignant at the transformation of Liu's world into Lu's world, but they were afraid of empress Lv's cruelty, so they dared not speak up.

Until the death of empress LV, zhulv was worried about being hurt and excluded. Therefore, the general Lu & raquo; secretly gathered in his home to discuss the conspiracy, so as to seize Liu's land completely.

This matter was passed to Liu Baoer, the king of Qi in Liu's clan. In order to keep Liu's mountain and river, Liu Baoer decided to fight against zhulv. Later, together with Zhou Bo and Chen Ping, the old ministers of the founding of the people's Republic of China, they designed and eradicated Lu & raquo; and finally settled the "chaos of Zhulu".

After pacifying the rebellion, the ministers of state and state supported Liu Heng, the second son of Liu Bang, and became emperor of the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wen felt deeply that peace and prosperity did not come easily, so he set the 15th day of the first month to put down the rebellion as a festival to enjoy with the people. Since then, the 15th day of the first month has become a folk festival - "Lantern Festival".

2. Dongfangshuo and Yuanxiao girl

This legend is related to the custom of eating Yuanxiao: it is said that Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty had a favorite minister named dongfangshuo, who was kind and funny. One winter, after several days of heavy snow, Dongfang Shuo went to the imperial garden to give Emperor Wudi flowers. As soon as I entered the garden gate, I found a maid in tears ready to throw herself into the well. Aelig; came to the rescue and asked why she had committed suicide. I learned that the maiden was called yuanxiao, and there were two parents and a younger sister at home. After she entered the palace, she was never able to meet her family again. &Yuml: when it's time to go from winter to spring, I miss my family more than usual. I think it's better to die than to be filial to my parents. After hearing this, Dongfang Shuo felt deeply sympathy and assured her that he would try to give her a chance to reunite with her family.

So one day, Dongfang Shuo set up a divination stall on the side of Chang'an Street. Many people are scrambling to divine from him. What's unexpected is that all the autographs of & yuml; individuals are all autographs of 'burning on the 16th day of the first month'. Then there was a great panic in Chang'an city. People are praying for a solution to the disaster. Dongfangshuo then said: 'on the evening of the 13th day of the first month, the God of fire will send a red goddess to the earth, who is the emissary of burning Chang'an according to the will of the Jade Emperor. I'll leave you the verse of copying frac14; so that the present emperor can find a way. 'with that, he left a red post and left. The common people took the red card and rushed to the palace to report to the emperor.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty took a look at it, and it said: "Chang'an is robbing, the imperial palace is burning, the fire is burning for 15 days, and the night is red". He was shocked. Lian & aelig; summoned the resourceful Dongfang Shuo. Dongfang Shuo thought for a moment and said: 'it's said that the God of fire loves Tangyuan the most. The palace maid often makes Tangyuan for you. On the night of the 15th, you can make Tangyuan for the Lantern Festival. You burn incense to offer a confession, and order all the families in Chang'an to make Tangyuan, and worship the God of fire together. He also told his subjects to hang up lights and set off firecrackers and fireworks in the city on the 15th night, which was like a fire in the city. In this way, the jade emperor could be concealed. In addition, the people outside the city should be informed that they can go to the city to watch the lights on the 15th night, and mix in the crowd to eliminate disasters and solve difficulties'. After hearing this, Emperor Wu was very happy, and sent a message to follow Dongfang Shuo's method.