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What is the meaning of goldfish boyfriend? What is the experience of having a goldfish boyfriend

Chat with goldfish boyfriend some time ago, the word "Buddhism" became popular. In recent days, the boyfriend of goldfish Department became popular. He never remembers the content when chatting. It seems that he has only 7 seconds of memory. His brain seems to be filled with paste, which makes people angry and funny. What does goldfish mean? What is the experience of having a goldfish boyfriend? Let's have a look.

Do you have such a person around you? I don't care about chatting with you at all. I never read all of your chatting records. I asked the same question many times, as if your reply evaporated from nothing. Are you angry? He said: when did you say that?

Until you take a screenshot and he says, 'Oh, I don't remember.'

It's said that the memory of goldfish is only 7 seconds. After 7 seconds... Ah! Who am I? Where am I?

So the magical species is called goldfish boyfriend. It's really angry to have a goldfish boyfriend

Minutes to see the gas goldfish boyfriend, goldfish boyfriend, a large number of goldfish boyfriend, these goldfish people in the end are not distracted?

Or is it really bad memory?