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Why can't napkin and toilet paper be mixed? What's the difference between napkin and toilet paper

in many people's eyes, napkins and toilet paper are no different.

However, the mixture of the two may cause some troubles. Long term use of toilet paper to wipe their hands or face will increase the risk of infection with bacteria.

In addition, the wet tenacity of napkin is much higher than that of toilet paper. Napkin is used instead of toilet paper, which is easy to block when thrown into the toilet.

So the question is, what's the difference between napkins and toilet paper?


What's the difference between napkins and toilet paper

The main quality differences between napkins and toilet paper are as follows:

Napkins generally have wet tenacity (a kind of tenacity index that represents paper in fully wet state).

Toilet paper is generally not allowed to have wet toughness, in order to prevent the use of paper is not easy to break down and block the sanitary septic tank.

Toilet paper is mainly used for cleaning after toileting in the toilet, while facial tissue paper is used for cleaning face, hands and other human parts, so it pays more attention to touch.

(toilet paper)

The product standard of napkin is GB / t20808-2006 tissue paper (including wet napkin), which is established by referring to the food standard; while the product standard of toilet paper is gb20810-2006 tissue paper (including toilet paper base paper). Both health standards can be in accordance with gb15979 hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products.

General consumers can't distinguish toilet paper from napkin, let's talk about it more generally. Boxed face paper, handkerchief paper, napkin, removable plastic packaging face paper (the most confusing one) are face paper; roll paper, removable toilet paper, roll paper and so on are toilet paper.

The easiest way to distinguish is to look at the hygienic standard number or the label on the back of the package. Now, according to the new national regulations, toilet paper must be labeled with "toilet paper". Almost all large factories are labeled very small, so you should look carefully. If not, you can refer to the hygienic standard number.

As for hygiene, except napkins, it's better not to wipe your mouth, including toilet paper in the hotel. A good napkin should be hygienic, pliable, and not easy to remove crumbs.

If it is hygienic, it needs to be tested with special instruments. Generally, the hygienic standard of famous brand is relatively high. It can be checked visually whether the chip is dropped seriously or not. Flexibility is reflected in the tissue can have a certain degree of stretching without breaking.