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What's the proportion of small volcano video withdrawal in 2018? What's the proportion of 1 million

What is the proportion of withdrawal of 2018 volcano video since last year, the video website has started the nationwide live broadcast mode. Many folk experts live the anecdotes and anecdotes in their lives. The volcano video is one of the most popular live app. However, many users don't know the proportion of the fire value withdrawal, and how much the fire value of 1 million is now? Let's have a look.

How much is a million fire anchor?

Conversion method of live volcano Video:

Suppose a host receives a gift in the live broadcast, which is converted into a firepower value of 100000. If he wants to give 70% of the firepower to the platform, he can only get 30%. That is to say, the real firepower value to his hand is 30000 firepower. If 30000 firepower is withdrawn, multiply by 10%, and the actual cost is 3000 yuan.

Therefore, the withdrawal calculation of volcano live fire value: amount = total fire value * 30% * 10%.

The above is about how much money the anchor of 1 million firepower will get. Some of the 1 million firepower will be shared with the platform, so the anchor will get less commission, hoping to help you.