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How to make more and faster wechat business plus friends

If you want to do well in wechat business, you need to have a lot of contacts, friends and people. So how to get more contacts and more people? Let's share the ways and skills of wechat business plus people. Let's take a look.

How can wechat business add more people quickly? 24 ways to add people through wechat business

One, peer push each other, I am walking with me if we push each other, if he sells another brand of cosmetics, such as sea water, he pushes my water mask in his circle of friends, and I push his ocean water in my circle of friends. After I finished the advertisement of ocean water, I found several people in my circle of friends wanted to buy, and I asked my colleagues who pushed each other with me, he said 9 I think it's expensive. I asked another one in my circle of friends who has ocean water. He said 70, I would rather find 70 than 90 yuan, right? So this method of mutual promotion is only suitable for you who have a fixed brand, and the price is the same. Where to buy this product, it's the same price, so both the agent's customers and the retail customers are relatively stable, and there won't be customers The loss of households.

2. Find someone and add it. Before hiring, I'll introduce you another software. It can be downloaded on the mobile phone, that is, QQ mobile assistant can import thousands of phone numbers into your mobile phone

3. Women love shopping. When shopping, which clothes store and bag shop do you want to go to? You need a phone call and a wechat with the shopping guide. You need to add a wechat with her. Just take photos of any new products in the shop!

IV. if you have a shop, it's better to do it. The person who comes to your shop will try to ask the customer to leave the contact information. The way to send a gift or to do a membership card is to leave the contact information of the customer, and then add their wechat. They will not buy your clothes, and they will buy your cosmetics in a few days!

5. You can print some leaflets with your own wechat on them. Then you can discuss with the local express delivery. For example, if your regular delivery and receiving can't help you to send them, then you can send them some products that are not too expensive to their girlfriend and wife to make a good relationship with them and ask them to send some leaflets for you. Because express delivery every day As for receiving and delivering goods, you can contact different people every day who are very fond of shopping. You can let the express deliver goods to them and give the customer a business card and ask them to add your wechat signal, so that you can add them clearly. This method is also suitable for regional agents to try. This area is your market! It's a huge market to have a good relationship with express delivery. We can do this with gold password agents. The retail volume is sure to increase. Coupled with online retail, is it difficult to sell some goods?

6. Use Tencent series of mobile games to find people nearby, throw notes and add friends. Suitable games include "cool run every day", "love to eliminate every day" and "rhythm master". Other games can be tested by you. The way to add friends is very simple. Download the above games and install them in your mobile phone. You can log in with your own personal micro signal first, and then click the people nearby to see other players nearby. At this time, you can throw a note to them and attach a sentence, for example, add a micro signal XXXX, play everyday cool run together, and send it to the other party to receive it. The point is that the number of notes sent is unlimited, but generally you can receive up to 50 notes from others.

7. QQ's new reminder function. First download the QQ of mobile phone, log in to your QQ, then select a group, and then click the + sign in the lower right corner to see a reminder function. Click Create reminder to make a pop-up message prompt for group friends in the lower right corner of QQ, even if some of them are on mobile phones, they can also be seen. In addition to creating reminders in the group, there are also one-to-one reminders for friends. When we create a reminder in the group, we can write "I am a friend in the group, welcome to add my wechat XXXX", so that the purpose of letting others add your wechat is achieved.

VIII. I will not talk about this method of sending information on major websites here, because it is complex and unclear in one sentence or two sentences. This method is suitable for products like aqua and products made for a long time.

9. Go to Momo bar to release topics. Join a Momo bar casually. There is no need for beauty salons. Beauty salons are all peers. You can add some dating bars and other topics. If you release some topics, there will be many non wechat businesses that add you. This method is very effective.

10. Go to major websites, such as 58 same city, market, housing, and recruitment websites. Leave a message to these brokers saying that I want to rent a house, buy a house, etc., but never leave your mobile phone number in the message, or you will be bored by them. You can leave a wechat message saying that it is not convenient for me to answer the phone at work and send a picture on wechat if there are good houses available I've finished talking in one day. It's OK to add three or four hundred people to you.

Xi. You can print your own self-adhesive of wechat QR code, and paste your QR code on your products. Maybe when that customer delivers it to others for use, it will be your customer.

12. You can download a mom circle software on your mobile phone, as well as the computer version. Go to the most popular forum to advertise. You must post this post when mom circle is the most popular. In this time period, you must top hundreds of posts, and many people will see it, but the message you send is attractive. You can do activities. When you say it's top 100 Complimentary mask of how much money is worth, or what gift to give to the top 200! If someone who consulted you first added the micro signal, then the person replied.

XIII. Using QQ group, you can add your QQ number to the same mom group, not a QQ number, but two or four. After entering, you can talk in the QQ number. What's the knowledge about skin care? Try your QQ numbers to make the atmosphere of the whole group rise. When the atmosphere rises, your QQ will be good. Leave the micro signal and quit to let the beauty in the group Woman, go and add you.

14. Build a group by yourself. In emoticons, there is a way to throw a sieve to give gifts. In this way, your friends in this group will invite their friends to participate in the group, so that you can add their friends' friends to the group. This method is much better than you can send test articles directly.

15. We all know that celebrities are the most powerful when we borrow them. Sometimes they can recommend them for you, which may be better than if you are busy for a month. So we need to find a way to let these celebrities help us publicize, so how can we let them help us publicize? You can specially choose to write some of these people's deeds, in a word, try to write more about his good, how powerful he is and so on in the article. Also remember to write down your wechat in the article. After finishing the writing, submit to the major websites. Then we will try to add him as a friend and share it in his circle of friends. People are good face, when he sees you write like this, he is very likely to recommend your articles to his own circle and his blog. If he recommends it for you, you will be well developed. We try to find some famous bloggers, because they all have the habit of blogging. The effect of celebrity recommendation is different from that of self recommendation. Maybe you become famous. Anyway, write more. If you can't do this, you can find someone else.

XVI. We all know that the effect is very good if we use the media to help us spread. I previously published several articles on other webmasters, which brought me more than 1000 high-quality fans. Of course, these articles are relatively high-quality articles. Many friends see that the way I share is good, and will naturally add my wechat to pay attention to me. The quality of these fans is the highest. They come to admire you. So you might as well write some articles to publish on other websites. You should choose a platform for publishing. Anyway, you can go where the most people go. In addition, add your wechat in multiple places of the article to avoid being reprinted and changed into your own. If you add wechat to an article, few people will delete it. A lot of reprinted articles will not look at the ads in your articles. If you can't write by yourself, you can also go to foreign websites to find some excellent articles to contribute. As long as your article is good, people will help you publish it. But do not look everywhere, Baidu has been bad articles.

XVII. Using drainage, for example, we can find some good resources and publish them on some websites. Then write: XXX software, I don't know if you need it, if you need it, you can add my wechat! Add some screenshots of the software and so on, and publish it. Or share a part first. You need more wechat or something. I have XXX or something. If you can find some good ones, the effect is very good. In fact, these resources should not be hard to find online. You can find some useful software and so on according to your industry.

18. When you search for QQ friends, there are settings in the search function, that is, men and women can set, regions can be set, and after setting, you can add them directly and import them into your wechat

19. You can build several wechat groups, and then put the QR code in the wechat group into the QQ group to absorb, that is to say, as long as you put the QR code in the group, there will be many people coming in. At this time, if you have four groups, if you have 500 people in each group, you will have 2000 people. You can also change groups with others and change the people in the group. In a few days, your friends will reach 5000 people, but this kind of The number of methods is there, but the quality is not high. You need to cultivate communication! If you don't want to add your own group, you can also go to Baidu to search wechat group and scan it

20. In the Mom Forum, some trusted topics of moms, such as diet and medical treatment, are all their most concerned issues. We can send some experience and support to publish them. We can post our own posts or find some friends or your team members to discuss with each other and bring others in In this way, we can build a sense of trust with others. After building a sense of trust, we can talk about products next. The effect is relatively better. If we want to recruit some students to work part-time, we can talk more about some topics related to part-time when dealing with students.

21. I'll tell you a way, that is, some QQ groups are specialized in changing phone number resources. You can find more points on the Internet and then change resources for them. Generally, they need to change 12000 phone numbers for changing resources. If you can't, you can talk to express companies and sell hundreds of thousands of them. There are also Unicom and mobile companies. Taobao sellers have a lot of resources.

22. The first way is to buy some software that can automatically search the phone number