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Who are the top ten famous anchors of the League of heroes? The competition between the level of the

Original title: the top 10 humor anchors of hero League lol have higher level of funny ability than the game

The players of lol watch the live broadcast of the host, but there are two kinds of mentality: one is to watch the technology, learn the 'black technology' shared by the host, which can make them quickly split up; the other is to watch the funny stories of the host in the game: when the game is half hit, suddenly dropped the line, and want to show each other's face, but in the end, they are shown, which often makes us laugh before and after watching the live broadcast. Now as more and more lol players become more and more 'Buddhist', humorous and funny hosts are more and more popular. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to 10 famous lol funny anchors: it's time to show the real funny comparison

White eldest brother

Mr. Bai, whose Chinese name is Bai Yafeng and English name is Jack, is called the No. 1 Ruiz for middle-aged people, the No. 1 middle-aged panda, and the No. 1 middle-aged middle-aged single. He is already a non greasy 30-year-old middle-aged person. He is also a resident Teaser in the anchor circle. He plays silver and gold segments at a level of drilling. Technical teaching is often mixed with humorous and funny segments.

At the beginning of 2014, like most of loler, boss Bai entered the world of lol as a novice. In 2016, rez's version was revised to become the white boss, and then he was promoted to drill 1. In the middle of 2017, faker was killed in a game of Hanfu.

In early 2018, he returned from Hanfu and began his live broadcasting career. In reality, white eldest brother warms up his boyfriend. He not only loves to make friends widely, but also treats his friends sincerely. Because of this, many friends support him to carry out the live broadcast business.

The reason why boss Bai is loved by all of us is not only that he plays well, but also because his EQ is very high, and he is also very enthusiastic to the audience. Funny and humorous makes everyone fall in love with him at first sight! Please watch this great God who came back from Hanfu and killed faker alone. Recently, he has transferred from Longzhu to panda and is still popular.

Little intelligence

Xiaozhi used to be a famous 3C grassroots commentator in Chenghai. His spoof videos were all the rage and well-known among young people. There are more than 300 videos published on, and the number of viewers has reached tens of millions. Xiaozhi is now the host of the hero League game. Without revealing his true appearance, a large number of fans are still attracted by his funny and humorous language during live broadcast. In the 2016 game hot words ranking released by Sina Weibo, Xiaozhi surpassed all the big game hot words and was worthy of being the hero League smart bully.


The former E-sports player, recognized as a world-class single player, has an amazing ability to match lines in his career, attracting numerous fans of E-sports. The joyful and active live painting style has provided countless materials for the ghost and animal kingdom and infinite inspiration for the creators. The ghost and animal songs created by fans have repeatedly entered the Netease cloud music ranking.

55 open

The three ugliness of E-sports is well-known. Lu Benwei is the spokesman of the ugliness in the e-sports circle, and he is also very pleased. Actually, the editor thinks that Lu Benwei is not ugly without Matt killing temperament. The main thing is that his magical laughter and earthly anchor style make everyone like him very much. But recently, there are some well-known "opening and hanging events", but his humor is beyond doubt 。

Sao man

Sao man, the popular anchor of Huya live broadcast, is really popular in the studio. The people in the live broadcast room have been very angry. It's said that it's his "little brother" that makes people think about. Coquettish man and his "little brother" are close to each other all day, which also attracts countless players' jealousy. Sao man's machete and his little brother's amumu have also become the current classics. The video of Sao man's game is often used as a tutorial practice, which makes the machete play amazing.


Xiaoxiao game is often called "empty big" when playing a profession. People call it "empty big" and "empty big". The line of smile is that this time, I will not tease, and then make a breath blowing action, which is made by PS. Whoever says I am empty and big, I will burn him, and then p will put a bunch of flames, and he will be given the nickname of fire breathing dragon. Xiaoxiao is the official official official explanation of LPL all year round. It is both funny and serious.


Sika is a former PE assistant. After retiring, Xiaobian didn't know how his Sika got along with Xiaoxiao. I rented a suite in a district of Shanghai. They worked in Qihuang during the day, and broadcast live on Tuesday, Thursday and weekend. The two of them spent 99% of their live time qualifying for sun Bowen's hero League account (all skin and all heroes). And it's sharing a computer in turn.

Cave owner

Dongzhu's live broadcast is humorous and full of strong entertainment color. Now the number of fans has reached more than 400000. Its upright character and magnetic voice make hundreds of thousands of fans unable to extricate themselves. The singing is unparalleled in India and even in the whole East Asia, which puzzles the hearts of thousands of girls. The owner of the cave often contracts with big brother (I'm by the Qiantang River) to get off the road. But if you meet the main hole playing field, it usually takes three ways.

If wind

Ruofeng is one of the few professional players in the history of Chinese E-sports. Not only in the e-sports circle, but also in the entertainment circle, attended Huang Xiaoming's wedding with angelababy, and also made movies with Zheng Yuanchang, an Qixuan and other celebrities! But even such an excellent ruofeng has been trying to try different forms of performance, just to show the players different styles.

Teacher Xu

Mr. Xu, formerly Xu Zihan. After "lol 36 plan (micro blog)" and "attacking primary school students", a series of great comic works of hero League "Mr. Xu touring the mountain" explained by Mr. Xu also appeared in front of everyone. Many netizens started from teacher Xu's "aggressive primary school students", and every update was carried out early.

There are too many skillful hosts in the game circle, but there are too few interesting and humorous hosts, and even fewer skillful and humorous hosts who can tell jokes. The above ten anchors are all powerful, so they are loved by everyone. I hope you can continue to pay attention to them, contribute more valuable opinions, and let them have more works to repay you.