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Can I bring the power bank to the plane in 2018? What are the rules for carrying the power bank to t Recently, when the first flight of China Southern Airlines was boarding, there was a fire on the power bank, which caused a heated discussion. Although the stewardess could put out the fire in time without danger, many people did not know what the rules were for carrying the power bank on the plane. Can you take the power bank with you? Let's have a look.

Can the power bank be brought to the plane?

You can take the plane with you

But don't bring "three no" products

Nanjing airport security inspection reminded that the Civil Aviation Administration stipulated that the power bank must be carried with you. Those with a rated energy of no more than 100wh (watt hour) can be carried directly. Those with a rated energy of no more than 100wh but no more than 160wh can be carried with the approval of the airline. Those with a rated energy of more than 160wh are forbidden to carry. Each passenger must not carry more than two power banks. It is forbidden to carry "three no" power bank, self-made power bank, power bank without any logo or unclear logo. Even if the capacity is qualified, it is not allowed to board the aircraft.

However, it is not safe to carry a rechargeable treasure with you. In daily life, many people will put the battery charger and key together. Danger may also occur if the battery charger is punctured by sharp objects such as pushpins.

Charging bank is prohibited

1. No more than two rechargeable batteries shall be taken by each passenger.

2. The passenger should not carry more than 160wh. If it is less than 100wh, carry it directly. If it is more than 100wh and less than 160wh, negotiate with the security check. Wh can be converted into wh = V x ah (V is the voltage marked on the charging treasure, ah is the current marked on the charging treasure). For example, if the nominal voltage of the charging treasure is 5V and the nominal capacity is 10000mah, then charge it The capacity of Dianbao is 5x10 = 50wh.

3. The battery charger must be carried with you, not in the checked baggage.

4. When passing the security check, we need to take out the power bank that we need to carry with us from the bag. When passing the security check alone, it is the same as carrying the laptop and camera. 5. If we can't use the power bank to charge the electronic equipment on the plane, we must ensure that the power bank is closed.