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Ma Huateng won the title of the richest Chinese in the 2018 Hurun global rich list

Ma Huateng won the title of the richest Chinese in the 2018 Hurun global rich list Hurun Research Institute will update the global rich list and the world's rich list every year. Recently, Hurun released the 2018 global rich list. Bezos super Bill Gates, the founder of Amazon, took the top position. The Chinese richest man also changed his name to Ma Huateng. Let's see the detailed list below.

Hurun Research Institute released the 2018 Hurun global rich list. Jeff Middleton Bezos, 54, the founder of Amazon, rose 71% to become the richest man in the world with 775 billion yuan. Warren Buffett overtook Bill Gates and his wealth rose 31% to 645 billion yuan, becoming the second person to surpass the $100 billion mark. Ma Huateng became the richest Chinese in the world with 295 billion yuan, followed by Xu Jiayin and Li Jiacheng.

Hurun Research Institute released the Hurun global rich list 2018. The deadline for calculating the wealth of the rich on the list is January 31, 2018. This is the seventh year in a row that Hurun Research Institute has released the global rich list.

The world's ten richest people

Seven of the top ten are from the United States. Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg lead the way. Bezos' wealth rose 71% to become the world's richest man, Buffett's 31% and Zuckerberg's 36%. Larry & middot; page, 44, is in the top 10 for the first time. Bernard Arnault, 68, the LVMH boss, has doubled his fortune and returned to the top 10. The top 10 grew by an average of 37%.

Ma Huateng, 47, has become the world's richest Chinese with a fortune of 295 billion yuan. He is the 13th richest Chinese since the establishment of Hurun's top 100 list. 15th in the world, up 23 places from last year. Tencent frequently participated in retail at the end of last year. Within 50 days, Yonghui supermarket, super species, Carrefour and Wanda business have been invested strategically. Even Hailan home, a brand of men's wear, confirmed to sell 5% of its shares to Tencent in January this year.

Xu Jiayin, 60, ranked second in the Greater China region and 20th in the world with 260 billion yuan of wealth, up 78 places from last year. It is also the first time that Xu Jiayin has entered the top ten of Greater China. Last year, Evergrande achieved sales of more than 500 billion yuan. At present, the company has more than 270 million square meters of land reserves and the old layout in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places.

Li Zhaoji, 90, ranked third in Greater China and 25th in the world with 215 billion yuan of wealth, up 9 places from last year. In the past year, the stock price of Henderson real estate controlled by Li Zhaoji has risen 25%, and the market value of the company has exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars. In the first half of last year, the company's profit increased 64% year on year.

Ma Yun, 54, and his family's wealth of 200 billion yuan ranked fourth in Greater China and 26th in the world, down 6 places from last year. In the past year, Alibaba founded by Ma Yun has performed well in the US securities market, with its share price more than doubled, and its market value now exceeds US $450 billion.

Top 10, Greater China

1. Ma Huateng RMB 295 billion

2. Xu Jiayin RMB 260 billion

3. Li Zhaoji 215 billion yuan

4. Ma Yun family: 200 billion yuan

4. Yang Huiyan: 200 billion yuan

6. Li Ka Shing RMB 190 billion

7. He henjian, he Jianfeng and his son 185 billion yuan

8. Wang Jianlin family: 170 billion yuan

9. Wang Wei: 140 billion yuan

10. Ding Lei: 135 billion yuan