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What is it about babies not sleeping sleep is very important for baby. Sleep is not only the baby's rest, but also the catalyst of baby's physical development. When baby is sleeping, all organs of the body are developing, but many parents will encounter it. No matter how to coax the baby, the child is unwilling to sleep, so what's the reason why baby doesn't sleep. How to let baby fall asleep safely? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

What reason is darling not sleeping?

For babies before half a year old, because the sleep cycle has not been established, most of the reasons why they do not sleep at night are physiological. This mother should not worry about it. If the baby has been more than six months, their sleep cycle has gradually formed. The common reasons why they do not sleep at night are as follows:

1. The reason why the baby does not sleep: the baby is not full

Babies sleep because they don't have enough to eat, which is a common reason for babies in the first few months. Baby in bed has been turned around sucking action, sometimes baby just need to suck, sometimes baby is really hungry can't sleep. If the baby is fed artificially, the parents can use the pacifier to test whether the baby wants to drink milk or not. When the baby needs to drink milk, the parents will plug the pacifier for him to spit out. Breastfeeding baby is more convenient, the mother directly to the baby feeding can be, full baby will be obedient to sleep.

2. The reason why the baby doesn't sleep: improper diet and uncomfortable stomach

If there is no reasonable diet for the baby, too much intake, too cold food, too cold food, unreasonable food configuration may cause dyspepsia and abdominal distension. The baby may be unable to sleep because of flatulence, constipation, or simple abdominal colic. The mother can massage the baby's stomach or take Xiaoshi tablet to help the baby Digest!

3. The environmental impact of the reasons why the baby does not sleep

The environment in which the baby sleeps is too noisy. When sleeping, the clothes are worn too little or covered too thin and too thick. The most common reason why babies can't sleep is that the quilt is too thick, especially for babies before half a year old. Parents are always afraid that the baby will catch cold and cover much more quilt. In fact, the metabolism of babies is faster than that of adults. Too much clothes will cause the baby to be fidgety, cry and not sleep.

4. The reason why the baby does not sleep

Due to the incomplete development of the cerebral cortex, the nervous system is easy to be excited and has poor inhibition ability. Every day, the baby is almost always in the non-stop activity from waking up, and it is difficult to control the activity to stop and rest for a while. So, at night, it's hard for them to control their already tired nervous system and let them rest.

5. The reason why babies don't sleep: curiosity and desire

Baobao is in a period of curiosity and strong desire to explore the outside world. Everything in the outside world will attract the baby's attention. Cartoons, storybooks, toys at home that he hasn't touched in a day, the baby wants to see, listen to and try everything. He won't be willing to close his eyes to go to sleep until he is sleepy and can't open his eyes.

6. The reason why the baby doesn't sleep is too excited and energetic

This kind of baby is characterized by laughter, hyperactivity before sleep, too active brain, and too much energy. This kind of baby can feel very comfortable just by moving constantly. It's too hard for him to stop, not to speak, and not to move. It's a good chance for him to show his skills before sleeping. At home, how relaxed and free the environment is. With the help of my dear parents, my baby can just go crazy.

7. The reason why the baby does not sleep is strong dependence and lack of security

This kind of baby is highly dependent, too attached to the feeling that mom and dad are around, too much in need of mom and dad's caress and doting, leaving mom and dad will lack of security, so the baby must express this feeling in a circuitous way in a 'awake' state,

If the baby does not sleep, it will affect his mental state and disturb his biological clock. If the baby does not sleep for a long time, it will cause great harm to the baby's physical and mental health, and make mom and dad more and more tired. How to deal with the problem of baby not sleeping?

2. What should I do if my baby doesn't sleep?

1. Adjustment of baby's biological clock

Most babies do not sleep well because of bad habits, no biological clock, so there is no regular sleep, resulting in their wake-up and sleep regardless of day and night. Almost all babies 1-2 months old have day and night situations. As long as the parents give correct sleep habit training, by 4 months, the baby will adjust their own sleep and become a day wake up and night sleep.

Parents should train their babies to form a biological clock when they are young, and make it a habit to sleep at night. If the baby is still sleeping after the normal wake-up time in the morning, it is better to wake him up, which helps him build up the daily biological clock. Babies need to develop a regular routine, and through the daytime nap to supplement sleep. Waking up your baby at the same time every morning will make his nap more regular.

2. Creating a good sleeping environment for the baby

The right sleeping environment should be quiet and fresh. Sometimes the reason why babies want to sleep is because they are afraid to miss something fun. Especially when everyone is playing and just wants him to go to bed, it's hard for the baby to calm down. Therefore, in order for the baby to go to bed obediently, mom and dad should cooperate together, turn off the TV, turn off the light, whisper, go back to the room, and play some elegant light music or hypnosis music, so that the baby can believe that everyone is going to rest, and it's really time to go to bed.

Don't use the bedroom or crib as a place of play, so that the baby can have a correct understanding of the function of the bed, and understand that it is time to sleep in this environment. The mother should arrange a comfortable and warm crib or sleeping room for the baby in advance, and know whether the sleeping environment of the baby is comfortable and safe at any time before and during sleep.

In the evening, one or two hours before the baby goes to sleep, dim the light in the room, and put the baby in the dark when it is time to sleep. Keep the door closed when the baby sleeps. Don't let the crack of the door transmit light or noise. The light has a certain impact on the baby's biological clock. When taking care of the baby at night, you should also choose a dark night light, preferably blue, not yellow, or use a flashlight, and turn it off as soon as you run out. The curtains should be thick to prevent light from entering the window.

3. How to solve the problem of baby not sleeping

If you want your baby to sleep well at night, you must arrange their activities during the day. During the day let the baby play happily, tired, at night they will naturally sleep sweet. In addition, the baby's nap time should not be too long, generally two hours or so is enough; do not let the baby eat too full before dinner and bedtime; after dinner, you can properly carry out some relaxed and quiet activities, but not too excited to play. Before going to bed, give your baby a comfortable warm bath, which is helpful to sleep.

4. Establish good bedtime habits as a solution

Play some soft music in the room, such as Serenade or lullaby, or hug the baby gently on the bed, sing rest, chant and tell stories with him, so that he can slowly go to sleep. When all kinds of coax, the baby is still unwilling to sleep, parents should not be too impatient, speech and action more calm. First of all, make sure the baby doesn't get out of bed. Parents can use pictures, story books or toys to attract him to stay in bed. If the baby is determined to get out of bed, he should also try to stay in his room to play, and then gently coax him to bed.

Sometimes the ritual activities before going to bed can cultivate the baby's sleeping mood, so as to achieve the effect of hypnosis. Gradually let the baby know and master the routine things before going to bed, such as bathing, drinking milk, brushing teeth, telling stories, singing lullaby, saying good night to each other, holding the baby in the arms, gently shaking or kissing, parents' caress and body contact, which is an effective way to relax the baby's mood. Use these behaviors as a signal that you're going to sleep. In the long run, the baby will form a certain dynamic stereotyping, which helps to solve the problem that the baby does not sleep.

5. Patient guidance for baby's solution to sleepless

If the baby is forced to go out of the room, the parents can turn off the light outside the room first and stay in the room by themselves. When the baby walks and finds that there is no one outside, he will naturally turn back for help. At this time, you can quietly but firmly say to him: 'it's dark, everyone is sleeping, and mum is not going, and baby is not going, OK,' in fact, baby is very smart. When he sees such an environment, he will definitely choose to stay in the warm room with his mother. At this time, you can talk to him in a low voice, touch his back, pinch the sole of his feet and toes for him, and then tell him it's time to sleep rather than play, and the baby will gradually quiet down, and finally choose to sleep safely.

When it comes to sleeping rules, even if your baby cries loudly and asks for an exception, you must adhere to the principle. If the baby is not obedient, you should not lose your temper. You should be calm and reasonable, but you must emphasize that when the time is up, there is no room for discussion.

6. Solutions to the baby's physiological problems in time

Parents and family members should timely solve physiological problems that can affect their baby's mood, such as flatulence, colic, gastroesophageal reflux, diaper rash, etc. If the baby is restless due to the discomfort of teething or the weather, and sleeps restlessly at night, and the baby has prickly heat which hinders sleep, you can properly use some prickly heat powder (such as baby hot prickly heat powder, which contains natural mint and eucalyptus oil) after bathing, to make the baby feel comfortable, comfortable and less itchy. However, it should be noted that the baby should be cleaned in time after sweating to avoid powder stains and dirt blocking pores and sweat glands.