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What are the poems in Xiaohan season? Appreciation of Xiaohan's ancient poems

Xiaohan is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China. After a long development and evolution, it has formed a unique festival custom. In ancient times, people often used poems to express their feelings, so they also left a lot of ancient poems about Xiao Han. Let's take a look with Xiao Bian

1. Dou yuan drunk in the front and back five quatrains

Author: Song Dynasty, Chen Yuyi

The east wind blows, the rain is light and cold, the willows are flying, and the evening is fine.

The guest son is hateful from now on. There is a warbler in Dou's home.

2. Small cold food boat

Author: Du Fu, Tang Dynasty

Jiachen is strong, the food is still cold, hidden several depression, with a babbler crown.

Spring boats sit in the sky and old flowers look in the fog.

Juan Juan plays with butterflies passing through the leisure curtain and light gulls flying under the rapids.

Yunbai mountain is more than ten thousand miles green. I worry that the straight north is Chang'an.

3. Early hair bamboo

Author: Fan Chengda, Southern Song Dynasty

After the morning makeup, I broke Xiaohan and chatted across the saddle.

Line blunt thin light mist, look at the heavy overlapping mountains.

Bisui cooking smoke when the tree is straight, and the green streaked stream takes advantage of Qiaowan.

The pure birds sing like greeting guests. They are feeling without thinking.

4. Hibiscus in front of the window

Author: Fan Chengda, Southern Song Dynasty

Hard work, lonely flowers break Xiaohan,

The heart of a flower should be like the heart of a guest.

With young women staying,

I didn't look at it.

5. To Cao Zifang, Fujian road transportation judge and Jian transportation envoy Zhang Zhongmou

Author: Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian

Cao Hou Huang Xu bows and horses, and writes poems from the army.

A hide is as gentle and martial as a tiger, and the atmosphere of yuansun is still mottled.

Yesterday, I took off my bow and knife and sat down to watch the colt.

The distance is no different from the hub of the chariot, and the imperial edict sends envoys to mourn and threaten widows.

I heard that Simin was ill and the salt policy was dry in the southeast with rain and dew.

Xie Jun criticized the river for Bingyu tribute, and heckled that it was as safe as a mountain.

Lao Lang didn't make mistakes, so he should serve as a minister.

I hope the public will not fall behind you, and there is still less width to the south of the Jianghu.

Reading people in a hundred cities is like reading horses. It is difficult to drive widely.

There is a great foot under the salt cart. If you lose the group, don't be crippled by the people.

The official baked and recommended Bi Tian's beauty, and the official soup tried to talk and eat in spring.

Zi Yu has printed oysters and broken mountains, not only banana yellow litchi Dan.

When the road meets the envoy hanlang official, Qingxi asks for peace during the festival.

The son of heaven ordered me to participate in the affairs of Qing Dynasty, and I can enjoy it with each other.

When the echo is drunk, it mocks the Castanopsis fargesii, and the official plum of the mountain post breaks the little cold.

6. The resident sent people to visit Chen Defang's house in Houshan

Author: Song Dynasty, Huang Tingjian

The rain on the river makes a little cold, and the snow floats. The five old people have hair spots.

The city is very close to Yunheng stack, with independent front mountain and back mountain.

7. Yao He Kang Lu Shi Li Shi Yu calyx small cold food night re gathering Kang's garden

Author: Jiao ran, Tang Dynasty

How often will I eat cold food? I should be afraid of Liufang and don't wait for others.

The poems in the book of Aizhi are elegant, and the wine name is new.

The court is dark and bears double shoes, and the forest flowers and thunder fly to sprinkle a towel.

Who saw Nai garden in the season, still holding green tea to enjoy the late spring.

8. Drizzle

Author: Lu You, Song Dynasty

The air is very turbid after the Spring Festival, and the moon is still bright at dusk.

Suddenly the light rain blew and felt a little cold.

The tree finch has settled, and the grass root insects have chirped.

Call the child to take half his arm, and I want to walk beside the steps.

9. Drink alone in a small garden

Author: Lu You, Song Dynasty

The horizontal forest shakes down slightly to get pills, and the deep courtyard is depressed for a little cold.

The autumn air has been very gratifying, and the old bosom feels more joyless.

At the beginning of the deer's departure from its mother, the spot is still shallow, and the orange is still sour after frost.

After a little drink, you can enjoy your feet quietly. Why do you need to wear your hat and decadent your crown?

10. After the Double Ninth Festival, the wind and rain continued, so it became a little cold

Author: Lu You, Song Dynasty

The sick body remains happy, that is, the new autumn, and the residual summer heat resists death for no reason.

Although the wind and rain are swept away quickly, the withering years have fallen, which is worrying.

11. After nine, the wind and rain continued, so he became a little cold

Author: Lu You, Song Dynasty

Chrysanthemum branches can not be clumped together, and the Wutong leaves are half empty.

There is no dream in the south mountain of Shehu, and the rain rain coir and smoke boat accompany the fisherman.

12. After the Double Ninth Festival, the wind and rain continued, so it became a little cold

Author: Lu You, Song Dynasty

The night is long, the child adds books and lessons, the frost is nearly old, and the Weng remembers his drunken hometown.

It's late in Wuzhong, and chrysanthemums also have a yellow branch.