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Details of military equipment for red sea operations

As the biggest black horse in this year's Spring Festival, the Red Sea action has both box office and public praise, which has triggered a movie viewing boom. Not only is the plot "burning", but the military equipment in the Red Sea Action excites the military fans. What are the military equipment in the Red Sea action? The following editor will give you a detailed explanation.

1. T-72b main battle tank

One of the highlights of the film is the battle of tanks that started soon. In order to rescue the hostages, Jiaolong commandos disguised themselves and went deep into the terrorist camp. Unfortunately, they were found by the other side, and the two sides started a fierce exchange of fire. In the battle, we grabbed a t-72b main battle tank, and launched a 1-3 battle on the desert Gobi with three American M60A3 main battle tanks.

The Russian t-72b main battle tank in the film is provided by the Moroccan army. From 1999 to 2001, Morocco purchased 136 t-72b main battle tanks from Belarus, which belong to the third generation of main battle tanks of the Soviet Union, with better mobility, protection and firepower. Morocco has upgraded its thermal imaging sight system and fire control system after purchase, with a certain increase in combat effectiveness. In addition, the turret and body of the tank are covered with 'contact' - 1 reactive armor, and a v-84-1 diesel engine is installed to ensure that the tank gallops on the wasteland. In addition, the main weapons of the car include a 125 mm gun with a large power. In the movie, there are many pictures of launching grenades to fight terrorists, and finally, with one enemy and three enemies, it shows the Russian style of "steel torrent".

2. M60a1 main battle tank

It is the US made m60a1 main battle tank provided by the Moroccan army that performs the match play with the Russian made t-72b main battle tank driven by Jiaolong commando. M60a1 main battle tank is equipped with plate reaction armor, which is significantly different from t-72b main battle tank's square box type 'contact' - 1 reaction armor. In addition, as the second generation of main battle tank in the United States, m60a1 is tall in shape and in sharp contrast with low Russian tanks, so even if it is not a military fan, it can distinguish two types of tanks in the tank chase in the yellow sand sky.

After the Gulf War, the Moroccan Army bought 300 m60a1 main battle tanks from the U.S. Marine Corps, and then bought them successively, making the tank the largest one in its equipment. However, the M68 rifles of the three tanks in the film are not equipped with thermal sheath, which is the main appearance difference between m60a1 and M60A3 main battle tanks. Therefore, it can be judged that the m60a1 main battle tank with reaction armor is still used in the film.

3. 'Hummer' SUV

There are not a few ground combat equipment in the red sea operation, including French VAB wheeled armored transporter, American 'Humvee' off-road vehicle, 'Puma' lightning protection and anti ambush vehicle, British 'Land Rover' assault vehicle, etc.

Among them, the American Humvee is the most popular. This is an all wheel drive vehicle of the US Army. In 1991, after the Gulf War, the car became famous in the equipment industry for its excellent mobility, cross-country performance, reliability and durability, as well as its' all-around 'installation adaptability with various weapons.

There are many types of Hummers in the film, including armed, reinforced and enhanced cargo Hummers. In order to ensure the fighting power of Jiaolong commando, the director carefully assigned a government driver and government machine gunner to each Hummer. So we can only see the scene of Chinese special forces riding 'Hummer' instead of driving 'Hummer'.

4. 'Jaguar' helicopter

In the second half of the film, a legal 'Jaguar' transport helicopter driven by terrorists poses a great threat to Jiaolong commando. A machine gun on board attacked our commando's preset sniper position and wounded the main sniper.

However, speaking of the legal "Jaguar" transport helicopter, it is a double engine medium-sized multi-purpose transport helicopter developed by France in the 1960s, and later became the "standard" of the multinational air force equipment. Until the appearance of the "Black Hawk" helicopter in the United States, it broke the equipment scale of the aircraft. In the film, the 'Jaguar' has a thick and short fuselage, straight tail support, two turboshaft engines are installed on the back of the fuselage side by side. The main engine compartment has side doors, which can carry 16 armed soldiers or goods. However, the picture with the gun pod in the film is likely to be the effect of later synthesis. It is reported that the Moroccan military provides a standard transport type 'Jaguar', which is set as an armed helicopter with rotating gun for the plot.

5. Wing landing system

In the scene of Jiaolong commando's sneak attack on the terrorist "HuangBing" trading site, a single wing parachute system appeared, which can be called the first high equipment in domestic movies.

Wing mounted parachute system consists of wing mounted glider and parachute knapsack. In the film, after jumping off a hewy helicopter, the commandos open their hands and feet to spread out the wing membrane. Like a flying rat, they use air resistance to slow down the descent speed and form the power of forward flight. They use body swing, turn accurately and control the direction and speed of flight.

Under ideal conditions, parachutists with wing mounted parachutes can reach a forward speed of about 160 km / h and a falling speed of 50 km / h, and open the parachute to land when approaching the ground. In the film, four commandos glide for a distance in the air and then separate into sniper group and Commando Group, and land in different directions respectively. The use of wing mounted parachute system makes silent air attack possible.

6. R93 sniper rifle

All kinds of gun battles and guns in the Red Sea action made gun fans enjoy themselves. Among them, the most striking is a German r93 Tactical Sniper Rifle, which is known as one of the world's top ten sniper rifles, known as the "European sniper king". R93 is a very excellent single action shotgun. The so-called single action refers to the actions that need to be completed manually, such as putting bullets into the chamber and withdrawing the shell from the chamber after firing. This series of loading and withdrawing actions are shown in close-up mode in the film, which greatly lifts the hearts of gun fans.

R93 sniper rifle can be used for various types of ammunition by changing the barrel according to different mission requirements. In the sniper battle launched in the terrorist camp, it can be seen that the bullet holes shot by r93 sniper rifle are obviously larger and more penetrating than those shot by the Soviet 7.62mm 'dragonov' sniper rifle used by the opponent. Finally, one shot penetrates the wall to kill the opponent's sniper.

7. Scar automatic rifle

In this film, the special forces, government forces and terrorists also use MP5 submachine gun, P90 submachine gun, M249 class machine gun, M2 heavy machine gun, deshke heavy machine gun, etc.

Among them, the scar automatic rifle launched by FN company of Belgium is known as the model of modular rifle by the outside world. In addition to the basic common parts, the gun can freely combine two kinds of rifles, light and heavy, which are used for close combat and sniper missions respectively, by selecting different length and caliber barrel. In the film, the leader of Jiaolong commando team uses a 7.62mm automatic rifle with extended flame arrester. The gun has high precision, fast shooting speed and high lethality. Under the gun, there is a 40mm grenade launcher, further expanding the close combat style. In addition, the reliability of the gun is very high in the dust environment, which may be one of the reasons why the film chooses the gun as the main gun.

8. Cz805 assault rifle

Another modular rifle in the film is cz805 rifle of Czech Republic. Cz805 rifle can choose different lengths of barrel, which has evolved into short assault type (Carbine type), standard type, marksman type (sniper type) and squad automatic rifle type (light machine gun type). The gun is equipped with red point sight and mechanical sight, some of which are equipped with grenade launchers, while the special combat type carbine is equipped with silencers.

In the film, the Jiaolong sniper uses a short barrel carbine gun with a small front grip, which is used as its auxiliary gun, mainly for close combat. The observer is a marksman with long barrel, equipped with high-precision optical sight, which can be used as assault rifle or sniper rifle when necessary. In the film, our watcher uses this cz805 rifle to shoot at the house where the enemy sniper is located to locate the sniper, and the bullet holes of different sizes on the wall can also distinguish the power difference between 5.56mm ammunition and special sniper rifle ammunition.