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What should I pay attention to when I travel in spring! spring is the best time of the year. Everything recovers in spring and nature is rejuvenated. Many people will take advantage of such a good time to go out and play. What are the precautions for playing in spring? Let's have a look.

First, pay attention to safety.

Most of the outings are very excited. Don't look around, so don't shout and run. Everyone knows that the road of spring rain is slippery and easy to fall. In addition, when you play, you should pay special attention not to let your child leave the sight of your parents. There are many people in the tourist attractions. If you don't pay attention, you may not find your child.

Second, pay attention to food hygiene and health care.

Spring is a season where bacteria are easy to grow. Please don't buy food at the unlicensed stall in the scenic spot, and try to bring some dry food, bread, fruit and other food. In addition, the climate in spring is changeable, and it rains when the wind blows. When you go out for a spring outing, you must prepare enough clothes and take rain gear to prevent rain and cold.

Third, keep away from allergens.

When spring comes, there are many kinds of catkins, pollens and insects, especially in scenic spots such as suburbs, parks and botanical gardens. Let's stay away from these sensitive sources when we travel in spring. If we are allergic to insects or animal fur, don't drill into trees, and stay away from animals. We can prevent some unnecessary troubles, especially the children who are easily allergic to insects and pollens.

Fourth, bring emergency medicine.

To prevent gastroenteritis or acclimatization and bacterial infection, it is recommended to take some necessary drugs, such as isatis root, aspirin, Qutong tablet, weishuping, quick acting cold capsule, Compound Glycyrrhiza tablet, iodine, bandage, etc. people who are sensitive to allergies should also take anti allergy drugs to prevent pollen allergy. It is hard to bump when going out. Toothpaste has anti-inflammatory effect and is convenient to carry. When it's cut accidentally, apply some toothpaste and band aid quickly. It's convenient, time-saving and can reduce symptoms quickly.

Fifth, we should pay attention to rational consumption.

There should be no herd mentality to prevent being cheated. Shopping in tourism must be rational. It's better to compare goods with three. Be careful when buying valuables. Even if they are not fake, the price will be much higher than the market price. It is suggested that when shopping on a trip, you should not easily believe the rhetoric of the salesman, buy a large number of souvenirs in the tourist attractions at will, and no one else should buy the crowd mentality that they will not suffer from the loss.