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The headmaster responded to the girls' school's response to snow and frostbite, and the school will

Original title: 13-year-old girl swept snow in the school for nearly 3 hours, frostbite was nearly amputated, and the principal responded

Lu Yanyan, a 13-year-old junior high school student in Anda City, Heilongjiang Province, suffered severe frostbite on his fingers during snow sweeping, which does not rule out the possibility of amputation.

On December 31, Lu Yanyan, a junior high school student in Taipingzhuang Town, Anda City, came to the school at more than 7 a.m. and swept the snow with his classmates under the organization of the school. Lu Yanyan did not wear gloves at all times, and he spent three hours in the open air without using gloves and shovel. When the reporter asked her if she felt pain in her hand or reflected the situation with the teacher, she replied: 'I felt pain, but then my hand became numb, so it didn't hurt & hellip& hellip; I asked the teacher when the snow could be swept. The teacher said there was so much snow, when could it be finished. "

At that time, she didn't feel her hands were frozen seriously, but after the snow cleaning, Lu Yanyan found that her hands were disobedient. After finding her hand frostbitten, the teacher contacted Lu Yanyan's mother at more than ten o'clock. After several twists and turns, Lu Yanyan was sent to Daqing Oilfield General Hospital that afternoon. Lu Yanyan's right hand finger is edema in a large area, the protruding part is as thick as the finger, and the position is blackened.

According to the doctor, the general observation period of frostbite is 10 to 15 days. Now Lu Yanyan's hand has just started treatment and is in the observation stage. The edema part is easy to recover, but the blackened part of the finger needs to be observed. Once the recovery is not good, the possibility of amputation is not ruled out.

The economic conditions of Lu Yanyan's family are not abundant. Now the medical expenses are paid in advance with the help of relatives and friends. Now, the school is trying to coordinate the reimbursement of children's hospitalization expenses. The headmaster of Taipingzhuang middle school in Anda City confirmed that the child was frostbitten during snow sweeping, but the school had not handled similar things before, and said that if the school had defined the responsibility, he would never shirk the responsibility.

Heilongjiang 13-year-old girl swept snow in school without gloves, her hand was frostbitten and nearly amputated

December 31, 2019, anda, Heilongjiang. A 13-year-old junior girl did not wear gloves when sweeping the snow on the campus. Her hands were seriously frozen and her limbs were nearly amputated. According to the doctor, when the girl first came to the hospital, her hands had been frozen blue and black. After treatment, the area of frostbite was gradually reduced, and the color of her fingers was gradually recovering.