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Why wechat can't change its avatar? Why wechat can't change its avatar and nickname

In these two days, many friends have to say that wechat can't change its avatar and nickname, or even its signature. What's the matter? What's the reason why wechat can't change its nickname and signature?

Wechat can't change the nickname of the Avatar

Tencent's official announcement today said that due to system maintenance, wechat, wechat public platform, QQ, QQ space and other businesses are temporarily unable to modify the avatar, nickname and personal signature.

In addition, other functions of the above services are not affected.

It is said that QQ group is also unable to modify the data, but the test shows that it is not affected.

In the middle of October 2017, wechat and QQ also carried out system maintenance, and it is not allowed to modify the avatar, nickname and personal signature in that month.

In addition, the official microblog has issued a notice today, saying that in order to improve the security level of microblog information, the recent microblog nickname, avatar, personal profile, personal home page and other information cannot be modified temporarily. Please pay attention to the official follow-up notice for the upgrade progress and completion time

However, the announcement has been deleted, but the Weibo avatar and so on really can't be modified, and has been displayed in the save.