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Can pregnant women use hot water bags? Taboo of heating pregnant women in winter

How to warm in winter is a problem that many people are very concerned about, especially for special people, some heating methods are not applicable. Can pregnant women use hot water bags? Let's take a look at the precautions for pregnant women to keep warm in winter.

Can pregnant women use hot water bags

Pregnant women can use hot water bags for heating, but do not put hot water bags directly on their abdomen for heating, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.

In the early stage of pregnancy, the fetus is very sensitive to high temperature, so the abdomen of pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy should be kept at room temperature and should not be overheated. Because high temperature can easily lead to uterine contraction, affect fetal position, and even cause fetal malformation or abortion.

[precautions for pregnant women to keep warm]

1. You'd better not use an electric blanket

Pregnant women had better not use electric blankets when they sleep, because after using electric blankets, the temperature in the quilt rises and can not dissipate heat in time, which may affect the fetus. In fact, it's OK to turn on the air conditioner if conditions permit. It's not recommended to use electric blankets.

2. Don't stick the warm baby to your abdomen

Warm baby is the most convenient heating artifact in winter, but you should pay attention to the position when using it. For pregnant women, do not stick the warm baby on your stomach, which is facing the uterus, which may lead to uterine contraction. However, other parts of pregnant women can warm the baby, but pay attention not to stick the warm baby directly on the skin, at least one layer of clothes should be separated.

Warm reminder: the temperature is low in winter and it is easy to catch a cold. Pregnant women should supplement more vitamin C and drink more water to prevent and treat colds.