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The latest Lantern Festival lantern riddle collection 2018 Lantern Festival lantern riddle and riddl

The day after tomorrow is our traditional Lantern Festival. The most important activity of Lantern Festival is to guess riddles. Many units and shopping malls have to prepare riddles. Xiaobian has prepared some riddles for Lantern Festival. I hope you like them.

Answer to lantern riddle:

1. Super good toothbrush. Too stingy to pull out a hair

2. What do cats and dogs look like. Ferocious

3. Cut the wood with a chainsaw. Make a prompt decision

4. Air to air (play an idiom). Act according to circumstances

5. Two three four five six seven eight nine. Not have enough for food and clothing

6. Be fond of traveling. Be overjoyed

7. Gloom. Be full of sound and colour

8. Sun stove. Be in full swing

9. Elevator. Able to work both at the top and down below

10. Open up wasteland in an all-round way. Leave no room

11. Send a message to your family. Fail to keep faith

12. Emperor. White jade has no time.

13. He (play a song title). Secret fragrance

14. Furious (in astronomical terms). Atmosphere

15. Red lady, go to the tall building. My heart aches and tears flow. candle

16. The middle volcano and the four sides of the sea. There are so many treasures in the sea. Get them quickly. Hot Pot

17. Wear red clothes and keep sentry all year round. In case of emergency, rush into the fire (hit a daily article). Fire Extinguisher

18. Stand 100% tall and lie 10 inches long. Tailoring does math. It will help you. ruler

19. One thing, three mouths, legs without hands. If you don't have it, you can't see your relatives and friends. trousers

20. Five on the left and five on the right. Take ten. There are ten left. glove

21. A group of Yellow Hen mothers lay eggs in the cabin. A sound after baking, all big Ladies (play a daily necessities). Popcorn

22. The hunchback old father-in-law has a shaggy beard. There is no blood before life, and red after death. shrimp

23. Go to the great wall and sing (play a song name). Hero song

24. Try again and again (name an animal). Lark

25. '(singer) a mountain comes with a stream of water. Wang Feng

26. Encounter European classic oil painting (film) in the capital. Beijing meets Seattle

27. A pair of small couples shall adopt the aasystem (chat language). Ha-ha

28. Where did Chang'e 3 go (pop song). Above the moon

29. 'I ask you to be my wife'. Lady killer

30. Visit students (singers). Jacky Cheung

31. The south is relatively small. Peking University

32. The queen of Bigfoot is very happy. Malacca

33. European experience (Literary Classics). Journey to the West

34. Seafood (commercial terms). Parallel imports

35. 'couple return home' (form of Quyi). Song and dance duet

36. The corner of the red wall. Battle of Chibi

37. It's just a matter of repeated promises. Xu sando

38. Rehearsal (country name). Israel

39. Rain and dew everywhere (movie star). Zhou Runfa

There is a home in Beijing. Bird's nest

41. Do you like the fragrance of "before Ming Dynasty". Yuanfang, what do you think?

42. You don't have to worry about being a multi star. Wu Mo sorrow

43. Fighting alone (sports competition language). Singles

44. The princess is young (host of CCTV). Wang Xiaoya

45. Scold but not return (animals). Horse

46. Letter from Seoul (ancient name). Hanxin

47. Zhan zhaoyutanghua (cartoon). Tom and Jerry

48. Fat scholar (title). master

49. Body painting (film). Painted skin

50. Singing folk songs on the plane (household appliances). Air conditioner

51. Flowers bloom well in the village (director). Ang Lee

52. Stir fry half, fry half, burn half (12 words). Yan

53. African dad jumps high (play a common saying). Black (frighten) me

54. A pile of grass. Plum blossom

55. Marriage by the belly (song name). Love of the coming life

56. No one else in the eyes (song name). You are the only one in my eyes

57. Long drought meets sweet dew. Timely rain

58. Flashy (name a plant). Fig

59. Multiple brothers (name one animal). Myna

60. Seven fairies marry one. Be puzzled

61. There is a boat ahead, and the helmsman is on it. It's a light rain. I've been dry since I left. Iron

62. Withdraw from the table (type a sentence in the Analects of Confucius). Out of place

63. Huaxia yingzi (play a new word). Chinese characteristics

64. Southeast and northwest all want to go (play a song name). travel

65. Born on a cliff and landed on someone else. Pour cold water on the back, and cut a thousand pieces (a daily product). Knife stone

66. Take a slap. Five Fingers Group

67. Be innovative with unique craftsmanship. Dear

68. In the middle of the men's station, on both sides of the women's and children's station. Tough girl

69. Keep talking (in TV language). channel

70. The height can be measured by standing straight (typing a new network word). Positive energy

71. When the wind blows, a pool of spring water (a network platform) will be blown. Sina micro-blog

72. Natural gifts, Chinese food exhibition connotation (play a documentary). a bite of China

73. Fu. Escape one's lips

74. In the mud under the Mawei slope (play a foreign film or game name). Tomb Raider

75. The latecomer (play a movie title). superman

76. No. 1 in all directions. Shaolin Temple

77. Be eloquent (play a movie title). Infernal Affairs

78. China (play a TV play name). Jade Goddess of Mercy

79. Sincere words (name a TV play). Chen Zhen

80. Come back with tears hanging over the window frame (play a TV play name). Huan Zhu Ge

81. Be obedient. Unprepared

82. On the eve of women's day. 37

83. The chimaera wept (named after a Chinese herbal medicine). Pearl powder

84. The language is not vivid (type a word). review

85. Laugh at the dead. Too great pleasure will bring about sadness

86. Loading the gun. Be triggered at any moment

87. Semiconductor (type one word). pay

88. Bright moonlight in front of bed (type one word). Open

89. Photographic negatives. Confuse right and wrong

90. Confusing (typing). tear

91. Integrated up and down (type one word). card

92, 10 (play an idiom). Arranged in a crisscross pattern

93. Yuanji. Await one's doom

94. Microscope. A peephole view

95. Agricultural products. Native

96. Warping board. As one falls

97. Wangjiang Pavilion. Waterside pavilion

98. Yugong's home (play an idiom). Come to the point

99. Xenon tritium. Imbued with a spirit that can conquer mountains and rivers

100. Labor day and national day. Relate in detail