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Is horse oil good for removing stretch marks? How to eliminate gestational striae in pregnancy?

Horse oil can not only maintain the facial skin, but also the whole body. It has extremely significant cosmetic and moisturizing effects. For many expectant mothers, many will choose to use horse oil to remove stretch marks. Is the effect of horse oil to remove stretch marks good? What is the effect of horse oil?

What is horse oil?

Horse oil is the oil taken from the mane at the back of the horse's neck. When it is made, it distills, dissolves and squeezes the fat at the horse's neck, filters it with paper, and finally makes skin care products through steam washing. Unlike other animal oils, horse oil has less cholesterol, is easy to penetrate, and has a very obvious moisturizing effect.

Can horse oil remove stretch marks

Horse oil can only prevent pregnancy wrinkles before they are formed. Once pregnancy wrinkles are formed, it is impossible to remove pregnancy wrinkles with horse oil. Horse oil mainly acts on the epidermis. It is almost impossible to connect the broken elastic fibers successfully if you want to enter the dermis. Like olive oil, horse oil has a strong moisturizing effect and obvious skin care effect, so it is not expected to remove pregnancy wrinkles It's better to use it to prevent pregnancy striae, because its prevention effect is really good.

Pregnant lines really difficult to eliminate?

It's not easy for most women to completely remove stretch marks. Prevention is better than treatment. As long as they make more preparations, stretch marks won't be arrogant

1. Control weight growth

It is recommended that your expectant mothers weigh no more than 4 jin per month, and keep the weight gain during the whole pregnancy at about 26 Jin.

2. Corset belt

The abdominal belt is a good tool to help the mother bear the pressure of the big belly, and also to avoid the skin stretching and pulling too much, reducing the probability of the occurrence of stretch marks.

3. Balanced diet

Collagen fiber is composed of protein. If you want the collagen fiber not to break, you need to supplement the protein to make the skin elastic, such as pig's hoof, VC food, skimmed milk, high fiber fruits and vegetables, etc.

4. Skin care

Horse oil and olive oil are natural skin care products with high moisture, which can be used to smear and prevent pregnancy wrinkles, and also can use some skin care products for pregnant women.

5. Moderate exercise

In addition to maintenance and diet, proper exercise can also enhance skin elasticity. It is recommended to do yoga before pregnancy and moderate exercise after pregnancy to keep skin elasticity, so as to prevent the production of stretch marks.