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When does the sixth season of running brothers start

The sixth season of running brothers in 2018 is about to be recorded. Will there be new guests for this year's running man? When will running man 6 premiere? Has the program time changed? Let's see the introduction below.

The 2018 running bar brothers is about to start recording. Recently, a member list of the sixth season of running bar has been revealed on the Internet. Among them, delireba, who only signed a one-year contract with the program group, has quit, while Lu Han and Zheng Kai, who were said to quit, are still on the list.

The sixth season of running brothers: Deng Chao, Lu Han, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Wang Zulan, angelababy, Chen he.

"Running man" is one of the most popular variety shows in China. It has been broadcast for five seasons. Almost half of the stars in the entertainment circle have been on the show. Now the sixth season is coming. It's the original team composed of Deng Chao, Chen he, angelababy, Lu Han, Li Chen, Wang Zulan and Zheng Kai. The official Bo of running man also sent seven resident New Year's greetings. It seems that the return of the whole staff is certain.

Run, brother season six time

The sixth season of running bar was recorded in Vienna on March 6, 2018. It is expected to be broadcast in April 2018. The specific date has not been officially announced.

What time of the week: the program will be broadcast at 21:00 every five nights

Online broadcast platform: Tencent video, iqiyi, LETV

Broadcast time: the program will be premiered in 2018

Broadcast platform: Zhejiang satellite TV

Broadcast period: 12 episodes in total, about 100 minutes (including the first 10 minutes)

A netizen revealed that the first issue of the sixth season of running man will be recorded in Vienna on March 6. Besides the seven permanent guests, Guan Xiaotong will also go. I just don't know if Guan Xiaotong is going to attend the program or just accompany his boyfriend. Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong have become more and more high-profile since they announced their love affair. On Valentine's day, they showed their love in a group photo in a circle of friends, blinding a lot of netizens. On the Spring Festival, they took off again for a holiday in Japan and were met by many passers-by.

After all, Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han announce their love affair. If they are using Reba and Lu Han to promote CP, they may not accept it. In the fifth season of Zhejiang satellite TV, running men's right to promote Zheng Kai has become less and less recently. Their names have been wrongly written. In the last five seasons, they can write wrong names. It is believed that famous people can see that they are indifferent to Zheng Kai, the little cheetah. Another one of Zhejiang satellite TV In my program "trump to trump", it can be seen from the promotion of Wang Yuan, a member of tfboys. Zhejiang TV attaches great importance to him, so it is possible to replace Zheng Kai, the cheetah. Besides, Wang Yuan has many fans. However, delireba is sure to quit.