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Jiang Hongde, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, passed away and won many awards for

On January 4, Jiang Hongde, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, died of illness in Beijing at the age of 78. Jiang Hongde was born in Hunan Province in 1942. He graduated from gas turbine major of Tsinghua University in 1965 and Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1981 with a master's degree. He was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999. He has long been engaged in theoretical and experimental research, technical development and engineering application of internal flow in turbomachinery, and has made great contributions to the technological progress of China's power generation equipment manufacturing industry and power industry. Once won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award and four provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards.

As a teacher, he often teaches students to feel at ease in scientific research and care about China: "as one of the national pillar industries, the market of the energy industry can not be completely occupied by foreign countries and needs continuous independent innovation. We need to spend more than ten years to create gas turbines with independent intellectual property rights through digestion, absorption and re innovation, so as to occupy a place in the market. This is a long process, which requires diligence, perseverance and perseverance, not being tempted by immediate interests, and finally giving a satisfactory answer to the country. "