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Review of events during the release period of Shanghai version drug Shenguo Bridge

Review of events during the release period of Shanghai version drug Shenguo Bridge

After the broadcast of "I am not a god of medicine", many realistic versions of "God of medicine" surfaced. Guo Qiao is one of them. The network calls it the Shanghai version of "God of medicine". He was arrested for purchasing, selling and vaccinating 13000 vaccines imported without state approval and not tested according to law. It is reported that from February 2014 to March 2017, China interrupted the import of 7-valent pneumonia vaccine for infants under 2 years old due to drug approval, and the supply was cut off for three years.

Guo Qiao and others found a supply channel for vaccine smuggling from Singapore. First, sun Yongping, the middleman, contacted the relevant clinics in Singapore. When Singapore prepared the goods, Hu Panpan received the news from sun Yongping, then instructed Jian Lihe and others to carry and transport the vaccine into the country, and finally increased the price in Meihua outpatient department.

The court's original judgment of first instance showed that there were more than 13000 imported vaccines for children, of which 80% were 13 valent pneumococcal vaccines, including rotavirus vaccine, varicella vaccine, five combination vaccine and six combination vaccine, with a total purchase amount of nearly ten million yuan. On November 27, 2019, four days before the formal implementation of the revised Drug Administration Law, the Shanghai High Court made a ruling of second instance, revoked the original judgment of first instance in Guo Qiao case and sent it back for retrial. On December 28, 2019, the retrial of Guoqiao case was pronounced. The third intermediate people's Court of Shanghai sentenced the vaccine smuggling case in Meihua outpatient department -- the charges of the legal representative Guo Qiao and the other three defendants were changed from the crime of selling counterfeit drugs to the crime of smuggling, and the prison term was also greatly shortened.

Among them, Guo Qiao was sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment and fined 50000 yuan. This is also the first public case sentenced for the crime of selling counterfeit drugs and ushered in the change of sentence after the implementation of the newly revised Drug Administration Law