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How to remove the skin of a girl's leg

The weather is getting warmer and less and less. It's going to be the season of barelegs. But if you have annoying chicken skin, it's embarrassing to show it. Girls are very concerned about this. So how to eliminate chicken skin? Let's learn about it today.

Chicken skin, in fact, is very rare. It's more common than your cold. But chicken skin is stubborn. If you don't use the right medicine or the wrong method, it may attack again and again, and sometimes it will make you feel skin inflammation and other situations happen. The following is a simple and effective way to get rid of chicken skin, which is worth our understanding.

1. exfoliating

Because 'chicken skin' has something to do with cutin thickening, gentle exfoliation is necessary, but it must not be excessive.

2. Make up water and oil

More important than exfoliation is moistening the skin. 'chicken skin' is a kind of skin which is very short of water and oil. It will not be moistened with normal body lotion.

3. Reduce the number of baths

Don't think that frequent bathing can wash your skin well. That's the wrong view. Frequent bathing will cause serious water loss, make your skin drier and worse!

4. Pay attention to diet

Avoid excessive consumption of high-fat, sugar food, onion, garlic, pepper and other irritant condiments. Eat more fruits, vegetables, coarse grains and bean products, such as apples, carrots, whole wheat bread, corn, soymilk, etc.

5. more water

Beauty masters believe that drinking a glass of water before going to bed and before taking a bath can make the cells in the body get enough water and make the skin more delicate and smooth.