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How long can folding tents be used? How can folding tents be opened

Folding tents are often used for food. Sometimes they are used in outdoor parking or outdoor activities. How long can folding tents be used? How to open folding tents? Let's introduce it to you.

I. learn to open correctly

The best way for both of them is to open the tent by 50%. The top cloth is placed on the top in the middle of the bracket. The four corners of the top cloth are aligned with the four corners of the bracket, and are close to the Velcro.

The bracket is pulled 90% along both sides, and each bracket foot has four spring buckles, which are respectively buckled in the upper and lower movable square tube holes.

Finally, pull out the four inner pipes of the foot board, and when it reaches a certain height, it will automatically buckle up, so that the tent is installed.

II. Precautions during use

It is not allowed to stand on the tent to test the bearing capacity, which may cause damage if it is not safe.

When the tent is stained with ash, although this does not affect its normal use, it can be cleaned with warm soap water for the sake of beauty; in addition, the principle of the tent is different from that of the clothes, so it cannot be put into the washing machine for cleaning.

If any damage is found to the accessories, they shall be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal use.

In case of bad weather, it is better not to use it. After all, good maintenance is the most important thing.

III. pay attention to the tent after use

If the tent is not used for a long time, it should be put away and put on when there is a tent bag.

After the tent is put up, it cannot be placed at will, and heavy objects cannot be pressed on it. It should be erected. (warm tip: the tent shall not be placed in a humid place, so as to avoid mildew of the top cloth and rust of the bracket)